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4 tips for doing cool things on Facebook

4 tips for doing cool things on Facebook John Bohan

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Conversation timeline

0:00 - Dreamworks, Paramount, Kraft, American Express
0:30 - Three Facebook basics
2:00 - Targeting by demographic or interest
2:30 - Using video and crowdsourcing to market "The most interesting cat in the world"
3:20 - What are people doing wrong on Facebook?
4:00 - Should all companies have a Facebook fan page?
4:50 - Things to avoid when working with Facebook
5:45 - Keep it simple. Keep it fun.
6:15 - IHOP's Breakfast Bracketology
7:20 - Viral videos are often the most ridiculous
8:15 - Gaming on Facebook
9:45 - The true value of a fan page

Run time is 10:27

John Bohan is a Los Angeles-based digital marketing executive whose career has followed the progression of the adverting industry over the last 20 years. He launched and ran one of the first Internet Ad Networks bringing it public in...

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