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Lessons from the company that powers eBay

Lessons from the company that powers eBay Mark Aronoff

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Conversation timeline

0:00 - What is Mediaplex?
0:20 - Telling a richer story with consumer data
1:45 - Better reporting to the CFO
1:55 - Targeting consumers based on unpurchased shopping cart items
3:15 - A ten year history with eBay; helping United Airlines target customers
4:25 - How will 2012 be different?
5:15 - What do companies need to be asking?
6:30 - Know your sales goals
6:45 - What's coming? What do we need to be ready for?

Run time is 7:31

Tenured Sales Professional with over 15 years of high performance in digital/adtechnology SaaS sales. Proven track record of defining and leading sales, business development and partnership strategies in the Online Advertising Technology sector.

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