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Media Motion: Allen & Gerritsen, Rockfish, and Tribal Fusion

Media Motion: Allen & Gerritsen, Rockfish, and Tribal Fusion iMedia Editors

33Across announced that Matt Arkin has been appointed president. Arkin will join newly hired VP of marketing, Allie Savarino Kline, on the 33Across executive team.

Adara Media Inc.announced the addition of four new hires: Mark Hersch and Jeff Cohen will serve as VPs of strategic accounts, Brandon Meyers joins as sales director, and Andrew Freedman comes on as regional sales director for the Eastern region.

Allen & Gerritsen adds Tamsen McMahon as vice president of digital strategy.

appssavvy has shut down sales of its traditional banner advertising and will focus solely on activity- based media delivered through its platform, adtivity.

Buddy Media announced the addition of Ken Mandel, who joins the company as managing director, Asia, and Carla Bourque, who joins as SVP, Western region sales.

Centro recently added two new positions to the company, hiring Ben Pashman as VP of business development, and Garrett McClure as director of affiliate partnerships for the Western region.

Datran Media and CONTEXTWEB announced their merger to form PulsePoint, a new digital media technology company.

IZEA Holdings, Inc. announced the appointment of Ryan Schram to chief marketing officer.

MediaBrix announced that Bob Carrigan, CEO of IDG Communications Worldwide, has joined MediaBrix's board of directors.

Millennial Media has hired Isaac Babbs as SVP, business development. The company also appointed Matt Gillis to serve as SVP, global monetization solutions.

OpenFeint has hired Sarah Thomson as its director of developer relations.

Optify announced the launch of the Optify Partner Program for Agencies.

Rockfish Brand Ventures, the venture capital arm of Rockfish, announced that it has invested in MomentFeed.

Spotlight appointed Richard Dym to the chief marketing officer position. 

TRA, Inc. announced that Adap.tv will be the first to offer TRA's Purchaser Targets to online video advertisers.

Tribal Fusion and BlueKai have struck a new deal to better integrate BlueKai Exchange data for audience insights and online media buying through Tribal Fusion.

The Visionaire Group announced that Ian Campbell has joined the executive management team as vice president of creative.

WhaleShark Media, Inc. welcomes Jill Balis as senior vice president of marketing.

The Weather Channel Companies announced that Bill Drolet has been named vice president, digital ad sales.

Whirlpool has chosen Digitas France to support the definition and execution of its European digital communications strategy.

Yahoo hired David Gerbitz as vice president, account management.

Zen Planner has selected marketing agency 90octane for an online lead-generation program and search engine marketing services.

Editor's note: We list the companies and people alphabetically. Our bimonthly column is always looking for announcements, so please email them to [email protected]


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