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How to use digital to brand a mundane product

How to use digital to brand a mundane product Bob Garfield

Conversation Notes

0:15 - A little something about Dave Knox
0:30 - Digital is finding its way into everyday products
1:00 - "Mundane" categories can benefit from digital relationships with consumers
2:00 - There are no more low-interest products
2:20 - Tide isn't a laundry detergent; it protects your important purchases
3:00 - The next wave of product marketing
3:40 - No more one-way conversations
4:25 - The Anthrax rumor
5:40 - "We just wanted to know you were listening"
6:10 - How mobile will change household product purchases
7:30 - Make it a utility, not an irritation
8:20 - Nike+ isn't about better running shoes; it's about a better running experience
9:40 - How to keep clients from overdoing digital and ruining their brand
10:30 - The advertising model is decoupling
11:20 - What technologies are your customers using?
12:00 - People "watch stuff, read stuff, and play"

Bob Garfield is a columnist, critic, essayist, pundit, international lecturer and obscure broadcast personality. He isn’t exactly a media whore, but he’s extremely promiscuous. Garfield’s “Ad Review” is a prominent feature of Advertising Age, where...

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