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iMedia's Top 10 Hottest Digital Marketers

iMedia's Top 10 Hottest Digital Marketers Editors

Savvy digital marketers know that personal branding is an important part of the business -- a marketer who appears stylish and well put together is likely to be perceived by clients as more trustworthy than a disheveled co-worker (even if that bed-head and crumpled blazer is evidence of pulling an all-nighter on a client's pitch). No matter how unbiased one tries to be, it is an inherent part of human nature to make judgments based on outward appearance.

With that in mind, iMedia set out to find examples of marketers who embody the traits of success -- inside and out -- in the digital age. We determined that intelligence, creativity, open mindedness, and perseverance are the qualities that make for a truly "hot" marketer. Not surprisingly, in our quest for the hottest digital marketers, we found a lot of folks who boast all of the aforementioned characteristics. It was a tough decision, but we've put together a list of 10 individuals based on their professional accomplishments as well as their individual sense of style and confidence.

This piece recognizes digital marketers who are just as impressive in person as they are on paper. After all, while one should never judge a book by its cover, we believe that great books with equally great covers deserve a second look.

Nicole ButteNicole ButteNicole ButteNicole ButteNicole Butte

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Nicole Butte, VP, New Media, Focus Features
Nicole Butte doesn't shy away from the camera. In fact, Butte's entire career is built around the film industry. Currently, she serves as the VP of new media for Focus Features, where she heads the company's digital marketing and publicity strategy for theatrical campaigns.

Prior to Focus Features, Butte held positions at Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, Virgin Entertainment Group, and New Line Cinema, where she worked on campaigns for films such as "Sex and the City," "Hairspray," and "Wedding Crashers."  Her resume is impressive, to be sure, and has earned Butte the badge of "veteran" in the digital marketing arena, despite her youth.

A self-described "technology geek," Butte lives for the latest gizmos, gadgets, and games. So, it is only natural that this gamer who possesses a fascination with Tinseltown should come to work on the digital side of the entertainment industry.

Reid CarrReid CarrReid CarrReid CarrReid Carr

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Reid Carr, President and CEO, Red Door Interactive
Reid Carr's eye-catching work as the president and CEO of Red Door Interactive  has landed him many awards: He was honored with two separate 40 Under 40 awards from both the San Diego Metropolitan and the New Leaders Council, he was named Most Admired CEO three times by the San Diego Business Journal, and in 2009, he was a finalist in Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year program.

Under Carr's direction, Red Door Interactive has won numerous Webbys, Addys, and (as Carr puts it) other awards that end in "y." The company was named one of the best places to work in media and marketing by Advertising Age magazine, one of the best places to work in San Diego by the San Diego Business Journal, and a top small company workplace by Inc. magazine.

Indeed, Red Door Interactive seems like the place to work, having received both the Crystal and Marble Awards of Excellence by the San Diego Society for HR Management. Perhaps this is due, in part, to the fact that Carr is no stranger to the industry; prior to founding Red Door Interactive in 2002, Carr worked for the McQuerter Group, PBJ Digital, and TBWA/Chiat/Day.

Arthur ChanArthur ChanArthur ChanArthur Chan

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Arthur Chan, SVP of Digital Marketing, Palisades MediaGroup
Arthur Chan's credentials stack up nicely against other marketers in the field. Chan has racked up multiple awards including a Gold Media Lion at Cannes, an Effie, and Media Magazine's Best of the Net. His campaigns have won W3s, DMACS awards, and Movie Marketing Key Art Awards. As if those accolades weren't enough to make Chan an attractive candidate for this list, he was also named one of OMMA Magazine's Rising Stars of 2005.

As the SVP of digital marketing at Palisades MediaGroup, Chan produces award-winning campaigns for clients such as Relativity Media, Focus Features, The Weinstein Company, Del Taco, and Behr Paint.

Chan is used to the sweet sounds of success; he's also produced two well-received records with his band, The Meeting Places.

Gay GaddisGay GaddisGay GaddisGay GaddisGay Gaddis

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Gay Gaddis, President and CEO, T3
Gay Gaddis wears many hats -- and looks damn fine in every one of them. A bona fide cowgirl and Jill of all trades, Gaddis is widely known as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, cattle herder, mountain climber, mother, wife, role model, gardener, innovator, and both founder and president of T3 -- the largest independent ad agency owned by a woman in the United States.

In 1989, Gaddis started T3 with only two employees and a $16,000 IRA. Twenty-two years later, the company has grown significantly. Now considered one of the U.S. leaders in mobile advertising, T3 has offices in Austin, New York, and San Francisco. As a collaborative think tank, T3 works with clients such as Microsoft, UPS, JPMorgan Chase, Pfizer, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Ford, and Hotwire.

Gay Gaddis has written for and been quoted in Adweek, MediaPost, PINK Magazine, and DMNews. She was named one of Inc. magazine's Top 10 Entrepreneurs of the Year, one of Fast Company's Top 25 Women Business Builders, and was highlighted as one of 25 Advertising Working Mothers of the Year by Working Mother Magazine. In fact, understanding the plight of the working parent is what led Gaddis to create the family friendly "T3 and under" program that allows new moms and dads to bring babies to work for the first nine months. This successful program has been recognized by the White House, Good Morning America, USA Today, and Nightline. Given all these accolades, it is no surprise that T3 is regularly voted by local media as "one of the best places to work in Austin," proving that Gaddis is not just a great digital marketer, but also a great boss.

Josh HolmesJosh HolmesJosh HolmesJosh HolmesJosh Holmes

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Josh Holmes, Founder and Creative Director, Joystick Interactive
Josh Holmes' creative passion and entrepreneurial spirit is what makes him an eye-catching digital marketer. Alongside partners Chris Wilson and Phil Euler, Holmes co-founded Joystick Interactive in 2006, where he currently serves as the agency's creative director.  

The trio met in 2004 while working for Klipmart, and, according to Holmes, it didn't take him long to realize how well they all worked together.

"We decided that our complementary talents would build the foundation for a great agency," Holmes says. "We each bring different strengths to the table -- marketing and business, creative and video expertise, technological development and innovation."

Soon after Joystick Interactive opened its doors, major clients began singing its praises. It's no surprise -- the agency's rock-star crew delivers a killer performance by producing quality creative in record time. Holmes has worked his magic with the likes of EA Games, Google, MTV, Disney, Sony Pictures, Yahoo, NBC Universal, Mindshare, MGM Mirage, Wynn, New York Magazine, NFL, The Wall Street Journal, Toyota, Mountain Dew, Nintendo, Unilever, and others. 

In addition to the innovative work he does at Joystick, Holmes is also a talented photographer and drummer -- demonstrating that creative isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle.

Bettina SherickBettina SherickBettina SherickBettina SherickBettina Sherick

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Bettina Sherick, VP of International Marketing, 20th Century Fox
Bettina Sherick knows how to cut a striking figure in the marketing industry. As the vice president of international marketing for 20th Century Fox, Sherick has managed the launch of more than 100 international digital marketing campaigns for film releases such as "Rio," "Avatar," "Wolverine," "X-Men 3: The Last Stand," and "The Simpsons Movie" -- the last of which won a Webby award.

During her tenure at 20th Century Fox, Sherick has been a part of many firsts for the company: It was the first studio to buy a virtual gift package on Facebook, the first to do a three-screen buy on Microsoft, and the first studio to use MSN Messenger themepacks.

Sherick is a veteran in the industry, having previously worked as the director of e-commerce marketing for the Warner Bros. Studio store before moving to Fox, where she began as the executive director of internet marketing for the home entertainment international division.
And Sherick's achievements have not gone unnoticed in the industry: In 2010, she was recognized as an Internationalist of the Year, and she ranked as one of the top 100 Internationalists in 2011.

Kent SpeakmanKent SpeakmanKent SpeakmanKent SpeakmanKent Speakman

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Kent Speakman, President and Managing Partner, Engageia
You might say that Kent Speakman is a model digital marketer -- he's an award-winning digital strategist, personal branding expert, social media authority, writer, and speaker.

Speakman flexes these muscles as co-founder, managing partner, and president of Engageia, where he provides clients with digital strategy, mobile, social media, application development, and event activation. Engageia offers diverse services for diverse clients, including technology platforms, celebrities and entertainment clients, hospitality groups, public companies, and consumer packaged goods.

When he's not rubbing elbows with industry elite, Speakman serves as executive producer of Speakman Entertainment, where he combines his connections and marketing know-how to help develop and fund various TV and film properties.
Among his many notable accomplishments, Speakman's work earned both an Outstanding Achievement and Best in Class award from the Interactive Media Association in 2007.

Nicole RawskiNicole RawskiNicole Rawski

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Nicole Rawski, Director of Analytics, Geary Interactive
Nicole Rawski stays in great shape by exercising her many talents. A long distance runner and athlete, Rawski likens the twists and turns in her career path to the challenges she faces while hitting the pavement -- both require appropriate training, conditioning, and pacing in order to reach desired goals. Rawski's professional stamina is evidenced by the milestones she hit during her five-year tenure at Geary Interactive, where she started as a digital media analyst. In her most recent role with the company, as the company's director of analytics, Rawski determined significant metrics, discerned underperforming areas of websites, and consistently identified opportunities for improvement.

Rawski's driven attitude resulted in successful performances at various companies prior to Geary; she's worked for Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, SponsorHouse, and Red Door Interactive. Now, Rawski is about to take another step forward: She's moving from Geary Interactive to Digitaria, where she will continue to make leaps and bounds as the company's senior analyst.

Josh RoseJosh RoseJosh RoseJosh RoseJosh Rose

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Josh Rose, Chief Creative Officer, Weber Shandwick
Josh Rose possesses an impressive body of creative work, which is no surprise considering his background in fine art. As a trained artist and professional photographer, Rose has a keen eye for aesthetics that translates to cutting-edge digital concepts. Those concepts have been recognized with a myriad of different awards: Effies, Webbys, Addys, Beldings, Clios, the Yahoo Creativity Award, and the Cannes Cyber Lion.

Rose began his marketing career at The Walt Disney Company, and by the late '90s he had worked on some of the most prominent websites online -- from artist and movie sites, to big automotive brands, to Fortune 100 institutions.

In 2000, Rose took a position at Deutsch LA, where he worked with major clients such as Mitsubishi, Coors Light, Expedia, Real California Cheese, GM, Saturn, CiCi's Pizza, TGI Friday's, Anthem Health Care, Dr Pepper, Snapple, HTC, PlayStation, Fresh & Easy, and Volkswagen.

Recently, Rose landed the role of chief creative officer at Weber Shandwick, where he continues to break the mold by incorporating the tools that he learned as a marketer. Indeed, Rose sees PR and marketing as more aligned than ever -- and as evidenced by Rose's career shift, top minds in the industry are now moving freely between the two fields.

Katelyn WatsonKatelyn WatsonKatelyn WatsonKatelyn WatsonKatelyn Watson

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Katelyn Watson, Senior Manager, Online Marketing, Shutterfly
Katelyn Watson's impressive stature in the marketing industry is due to her willingness to push boundaries and take on new challenges. Having started on the agency side at Rapp Collins Worldwide, Watson soon discovered that her interests and talents lie in digital media. This led her to sign on as the online marketing manager for La Quinta Hotels, where she helped the brand bring online media in-house.

Compelled by her desire to be part of an innovative e-commerce brand, Watson then decided to try Shutterfly on for size. It proved a perfect fit: In 2011, Watson launched the first in-house agency model for Shutterfly -- driving the effort from start to finish. Watson also introduced a handful of firsts for the company, including rich media, dynamic creative, media lift testing, online video, and Facebook ads.

In addition to working as Shutterfly's senior manager of online marketing, Watson co-founded the first and only media company and lifestyle brand for DINKs (dual income, no kids) called DINKlife -- proving that she is not just an expert digital marketer, but also an innovator and an entrepreneur.


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