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What to do if you get scammed buying ads

What to do if you get scammed buying ads Bob Garfield

Conversation timeline:

0:15    Bad things can happen to clients
1:00    Buying one thing, getting something different
1:30    There are a lot of good vendors out there
2:00    Three ways to respond
3:30    Word of mouth damages bad vendors
3:40    Is there any other recourse?
4:10    I think we've blundered into a business opportunity

Run time: 4:49

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Bob Garfield is a columnist, critic, essayist, pundit, international lecturer and obscure broadcast personality. He isn’t exactly a media whore, but he’s extremely promiscuous. Garfield’s “Ad Review” is a prominent feature of Advertising Age, where...

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Commenter: DoubleVerify DV

2011, September 08

Thanks, Bob and Tamara—great, insightful conversation! Online advertising non-compliance is real—in fact we at DoubleVerify see over 31% of campaign impressions are non-compliant on average. Non-compliance includes ads served to the wrong geographic location, alongside inappropriate content, on a black listed site or off of a white list, or simply in the wrong section of a site or part of a page. Your video discussion addresses 3 potential options to avoid advertising non-compliance. In addition to the three options addressed in the video, there is a fourth solution available to marketers who are concerned about their ads being delivered as intended – media verification. Online media verification, like that provided by DoubleVerify (www.doubleverify.com), allows agencies and advertisers solutions to monitor, remediate, and/or block non-compliant ad placements and impressions ensuring advertisers always get the most ROI from their marketing spend. To learn more about how agencies, marketers and networks and platforms are using verification to provide more accountability in the online advertising ecocsystem, you can check out our website here: www.doubleverify.com