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11 horrible and amazing video ideas

Bethany Simpson
11 horrible and amazing video ideas Bethany Simpson

We've all seen the stats. "60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, resulting in more than eight years of content uploaded every day." "Over 3 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube." And according to people who claim to work for YouTube, more than 1.2 million videos have gotten more than 1 million views, so far, while almost 100 have gotten more than 100 million views.

While some people are creating amazing video experiences, some are creating truly terrible ones. We asked some of the industry's most respected voices what they thought were the best and worst uses of video.

First up: Beware this No. 1 mistake many companies and personalities are making.

How to make a bad video

Beware this No. 1 mistake many companies and personalties are making.

"This guy had this video, and was so condescending in the tone.."
- Adam Kleinberg, CEO, Traction

Transforming video into live data

Companies like Intel are researching the new capabilities of video, including facial recognition and live tracking. (0:40)

"[The example they showed me] completely changed how I view the future."
- Brian David Johnson, Futurist, Director - Future Casting, Principle Engineer, Intel Corp.; Author, "Screen Future"

Console video > console multiplayer gaming

It's official. More hours are being spent watching videos on gaming consoles than multi-player gaming.

"We saw the overall consumption of video time increase so much that it's actually gone a little higher than multi-player gaming..."
- Shawn McMichael, GM of Global Advertising Channel, Interactive Entertainment - Microsoft

How to earn loyalty in the video space

As we're creating video experiences, what are the guidelines we should follow?

"It's a matter of interacting with people, providing value to their lives, not simply pushing stuff at them."
- Guy Kawasaki, Co-Founder, Alltop and Founding Partner, Garage Technology Ventures

The biggest mistake you can make

With so many opportunities to connect with viewers through a video experience, this might be the biggest mistake you can make.

"We have screens in our pockets, screens in our cars, screens on the wall, screens in our briefcases and pocketbooks..."
- Brian David Johnson, Futurist, Director - Future Casting, Principle Engineer, Intel Corp.; Author, "Screen Future"

The best and the worst, from an advertising perspective

Just because something gets clicks doesn't mean there's value for an advertiser. Here are the coolest and worst uses of video from the agency side. (0:23)

"By far I think the worst use [of video] is trying to understand, navigate, and monetize user-generated content."
-Michael Bologna, Director, Emerging Communications, GroupM

The future of the video experience

How long will it be before we interact with video and facial recognition through AR Google Goggles? Here's what's coming:

"The question for companies is 'Where is the freaky line, and how far over that freaky line can they push people?'"
- Robert Scoble, Startup Liason Officer, Rackspace

(Editor's note: This video was shot behind the mainstage at ad:tech San Francisco.)

New ideas from the networks

Almost 10 percent of ABC's prime time viewing audience is now on-demand digital. Here are some of the ways the network is evolving the video experience to accommodate the digital growth:

"We were the first major network to launch most of our video through an online on-demand player."
- Adam Gerber, VP, Sales Development & Marketing, ABC Television Networks

Apple and the iPhone

It's one thing for a cool new technology to be available. It's another for it to go mainstream. Here's a favorite from Apple, that's quickly becoming a part of everyday life.

"It's the Jetsons come to life!"
-Adam Kleinberg, CEO, Traction

It takes more than a viral video...

Companies like Disney are working fast and furious to keep up with the changing video experience. What does it take for a content giant to stay cool?

"If I were someone in your audience, I would watch Disney Interactive very carefully..."
-Mark Walker, SVP & GM, Disney Interactive Media Group

3 cool new ways consumers are watching videos

These are some of the new ways audiences are watching, and paying for, video.

"We're talking millions and millions of app downloads and streams..."
- Steven Feldman, VP, Group Media Director, Universal McCann

Bethany Simpson

Bethany has worked with Fortune-1000 executives for 8 years. From 2007 to 2011 she served as director of content development for the Leadership Network, a private online community for C-Level leaders of Fortune-1000 companies and $1B+ organizations.

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