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3 cool new ways we're watching video

3 cool new ways we're watching video iMedia Editors

Gone are the days when every household writes a monthly check to the cable company. Consumers are finding videos on a number of new platforms, and from many new providers -- sometimes even from the content creators themselves. Here are some of the ways audiences are consuming content, and what it means to how we monetize video.

3 cool new ways we're watching video

How to measure and monetize video traffic

Can we get 18 to 25 year olds to pay for content?

"We've seen a lot of studies amongst college kids...and they're not paying for content."
- Steven Feldman

Who's going to win, and who's going to lose?

"The cable MSOs pipe into your house with content…but the second I [as a consumer] can get my content direct from the show…and it's easy, I'll do that."
- Steven Feldman

Steven Feldman is currently SVP, Group Media Director at Universal McCann. Feldman oversees the Mastercard media team, inclusive of both Online and Offline responsibilities. The Mastercard account utilizes advanced econometric modeling in order to determine the effect of different media types in driving business outcomes. As team lead, Feldman helped design the set up and implementation of this process. Prior to Mastercard, Feldman was the media lead on Bing at UM’s San Francisco office, where he oversaw one of the largest Online Video budgets in the industry and helped drive advanced video measurement practices in order to gauge its relative effectiveness. Prior to Mastercard and Bing, Feldman was media lead for the Xbox Media team at both UM San Francisco and New York, where he won a Gold Effie for the Xbox Live media campaign.

Jordan Berg brings over eight years of visual communications and design experience to Questus. He has experience in both interactive advertising and traditional design. Jordan has recently completed projects for world-class brands such as Suzuki, Wells Fargo, GE and ESPN. One of Jordan's key strengths is synthesizing research and strategy with award winning design. This unique approach has landed him in both Communication Arts and InStyle magazine. Jordan is a native of New York City and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Vermont and Masters Studies from the San Francisco Academy of Art. He currently sits on the Board of Directors at Bridge Sales and Marketing.

You can follow Jordan Berg on Twitter.

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