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Lego's Life of George

Lego has become noted as a smart user of social media. The company's first social media strategist Lars Silberbauer explains how the company engaged fans and created value through an augmented-reality game.

Lego went viral with its mobile game 'Life of George'. Its character, George, ("software developer by day and adventurer by night") quickly developed a cult following. The chance to create his back story was jumped on by fans and it wasn't long before he soon had a pregnant ex-girlfriend and was being pictured all over the world.

In the below video, Silberbauer discusses the George campaign and Lego's approach to social media.

The Life of George game

>>>Find out more about George!

Lars Silberbauer is the global social media strategist at Lego Group.

Lars Silberbauer holds the position of Global Social Media Director at the LEGO Group and is responsible for driving the strategic development and implementation of all major social media initiatives for the LEGO brand. He comes from a background in...

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