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Top Ten Brands in Video: Big brands, Barack Obama, and Kony2012

Top Ten Brands in Video: Big brands, Barack Obama, and Kony2012 iMedia Editors

March saw five new brands enter the ranks, from the controversial non-profit Invisible Children to bigger brands like Rovio, Cartier, Mercedes-Benz, and US President, Barack Obama.

Powered by data from Visible Measures, this monthly chart looks at the most-watched brands in online video, across all of their campaigns. (Check out past charts for December, January, and February.) Here's what we saw in detail for March.


1. Invisible Children
Rocketing to the top of the chart, Invisible Children took down an incredible 161.8 million views from the breakout "Kony2012" campaign. Since launching in early March, "Kony2012" has become the most viral video campaign ever launched. In addition to the nearly 30-minute long documentary-style spot, the campaign has responses, teasers, and other related campaign spots. More than 2,000 copies and derivatives have been posted online.

Powered by Visible Measures.

2. Rovio
The mobile gaming mogul grabs second place in March, making a brand debut with 30.7 million views. Earlier in the month, the gaming company launched the campaign "Angry Birds Space" in anticipation of its newest game of the same name. The campaign includes a zero-gravity physics demonstration of elements players will see in the new game.

Powered by Visible Measures.

3. Google
The internet giant's more than 60 active campaigns have helped it land third place on the chart with 12.4 million views. The co-branded campaign with Samsung, "Galaxy Nexus Calling All," launched in November 2011 to promote the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones, is drawing significant viewership for Google. The new campaign, "Introducing Google Play," released earlier in March, is also driving significant views. The campaign introduces Google's new platform to purchase, view, and download media. 

Powered by Visible Measures.

4. Cartier
The luxury French jeweler makes a brand debut at fourth place with 10.4 million views. Cartier has at least three campaigns to its name, but "L'Odyssee de Cartier" is driving the majority of the views. Launched at the very end of February, "L'Odyssee de Cartier" celebrates the long history of the French brand by following the iconic Cartier panther through time and space.

Powered by Visible Measures.

5. Mercedes-Benz
The German auto brand grabs 9.9 million views in March, enough for fifth place. Mercedes-Benz has more than 40 active campaigns in its roster, but its newest, "Invisible Mercedes," helped the brand land a place on the chart. The campaign features a 90-second spot starring an "invisible car," promoting the new Mercedes-Benz F-Cell's "zero-emissions" capabilities. "Tunnel Experiment," launched in 2010, is also helping the brand drive viewership.

Powered by Visible Measures.

6. Microsoft
The software company takes sixth place in March, garnering 8.2 million views. Of Microsoft's more than 60 campaigns, "Smoked by Windows Phone" is collecting the most views. Launched in February, the campaign pits Windows phones against other smartphones in speed tests. The campaign has more than 10 distinct creatives, all helping Microsoft earn its spot this month. Additionally, "20 Years Microsoft Research" is helping bring in significant viewership, followed by "A More Beautiful Web."  

Powered by Visible Measures.

7. Apple
The electronics brand returns to the chart with 7.7 million views. Apple owes its bump to "The new iPad," the campaign that launched the new, third generation iPad earlier this month. The campaign includes a 30-second TV spot, as well as a longer 5:33-minute spot highlighting the features of the new iPad, along with interviews with high-level Apple employees. "Introducing iPhone 4S," released last October, is also drawing significant viewership. 

Powered by Visible Measures.

8. Samsung
The electronics brand returns to the chart this week with 7.6 million views. The co-branded campaign with Google, "Galaxy Nexus Calling All," is driving most of the views for the brand, while its most recent campaign, "Elephant Plays with Galaxy Note," is also bringing in significant viewership. Launched just last week, the campaign uses "Peter the Elephant" to promote the Galaxy Note's ease of use.

Powered by Visible Measures.

9. Old Spice
The male grooming brand falls three spots to ninth place this month with 7.2 million views. Old Spice has at least 20 campaigns associated with it, with the new campaign starring Terry Crews, "Smell is Power," driving most of its views in March. "Odor Blocker," as well as "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like," both from 2010, are also helping to gather views for the brand.

Powered by Visible Measures.

10. Barack Obama
The President edges into tenth place on the chart with 4.6 million views. Obama has more than 25 active campaigns in social video, with more than 15 launched in 2012. "The Road We've Traveled," a campaign featuring a nearly 17-minute documentary, has driven the most views for the president.

Source: Visible Measures.

iMedia's Top 10 Brands in Video chart, powered by Visible Measures, focuses on aggregated brand view counts across related social video ad campaigns. Each brand and campaign is measured by True Reach, an MRC accredited metric that includes views from brand-driven and audience-driven social video clips. The data are compiled using the patented Visible Measures platform, a constantly growing repository of analytic data on hundreds of millions of videos tracked across hundreds of online video destinations.

Note: This analysis does not include Visible Measures' paid-placement (e.g., overlays; pre-, mid-, and post-roll) performance data or video views on private sites. This chart does not include movie trailers, video game campaigns, TV show, or media network promotions. View counts are incremental by month.

To notify Visible Measures of an upcoming social video ad campaign, please contact Visible Measures directly.

Learn more about the Top 10 Brands in Video Chart here.

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