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Get to know your mobile traffic

Matt Swan
Get to know your mobile traffic Matt Swan
There is a considerable data available on the traffic coming from mobile devices, but by really understanding the sectors and sites these users are visiting can be a valuable tool for advertisers.

It is no secret that mobile commerce has accelerated significantly over the past 18 months. In this time, the network has seen the development of m-commerce continue at a rapid pace. Not least in the sheer volume of traffic and transactions that are now generated through mobile devices. With advertisers beginning to embrace mobile further, they are willing to dedicate more time and resource into developing mobile propositions and executing effective mobile strategies. With this, opportunities through the affiliate channel are coming to the fore, whether this is through driving sales to an m-commerce site or taking advantage of the multi-channel opportunities that mobile presents by developing location based targeting applications. What are consumers searching for?

One important aspect to understand is what consumers are searching for on their mobile devices. By knowing where the traffic is, advertisers are able to put themselves in a position to understand the mobile search landscape and how to take full advantage of this.

The table below demonstrates the percentage of total mobile traffic for each sector on the network. This information has been benchmarked with desktop computers to see which sectors are gaining a greater share of mobile traffic over desktop traffic. It has also been separated by mobile handsets and tablet traffic.

Given Affiliate Window’s heritage as a network with a significant number of leading retail brands, it is unsurprising the majority of its mobile traffic is directed towards retail clients. Leading the way with 35 per cent of all our mobile traffic is fashion/clothing retail. This is above the percentage of desktop traffic the category receives (28.56 per cent).

Electrical retail (13.99 per cent) and Group Buying (10.21 per cent) have the next highest share of mobile traffic - however these are both below the split of desktop traffic (15.26 per cent and 12.61 per cent respectively).

Telecoms is the only other sector where a higher proportion of mobile traffic is seen as opposed to desktop, yet this is a relatively small share of mobile (5.44 per cent) vs. desktop (4.92 per cent).

In addition to this, Affiliate Window has been monitoring the split of traffic by sector to see which sectors over/under index above the network average (11.6 per cent). The sectors that fall above the line are receiving a higher volume of mobile traffic against this network average.

Again, fashion/clothing retail is over performing in terms of mobile traffic. As well as being the sector with the most mobile traffic directed to, it is also a sector that has the highest split of its traffic through mobile devices -- significantly higher than the average.

Telecoms, Department Stores, Retail (other) and travel all over index compared to the average while Finance, Retail (Electrical), 'other', Group buying and utilities all under index.

By understanding the sectors that are receiving the greatest proportion of mobile traffic, advertisers are able to see the potential for providing these visitors with an optimised mobile experience to be in the best position to convert them. In addition, knowing the reasoning behind the mobile visit (looking to transact, finding store location, looking for a phone number etc), the retailer can utilise various mobile techniques in an attempt to convert this visitor. This could be in terms of having a mobile optimised site to convert the traffic online, or it could be used as a mechanism to drive footfall into stores. Additionally, call tracking through mobile devices could be an effective strategy -- especially for sectors such as insurance where mobile visitors are typically encouraged to call for a quote.

There is a considerable amount of data available regarding the percentage of traffic coming through mobile devices, but by really understanding the sectors and sites these users are visiting can be a valuable tool for advertisers.
Matt Swan is a client strategist for Affiliate Window


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