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2 reasons your targeting strategy is out of date

Dimitri Maex
2 reasons your targeting strategy is out of date Dimitri Maex

Three years ago when we talked targeting, it was about traditional methods like propensity models and segmentation. The focus was on emails, direct messaging, and display... but things have changed. Now it's all about social, and there's a much bigger variety of data sources. In fact, OgilvyOne managing director Dimitri Maex says we're only using a fraction of the data we have available. And he says relevance is more and more of a challenge. Here's more, as he speaks with iMedia's Bethany Simpson.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — Targeting has changed
0:45 — We're only using a fraction of available data
1:35 — Content-focused targeting vs. audience-focused targeting
2:00 — 2 targeting struggles
2:50 — 2013 is going to be the year of...
Run time is 3:23

Dimitri is the Managing Director of OgilvyOne New York. He is also a member of the OgilvyOne Worldwide board.

He joined Ogilvy in 1998 in Brussels to run the analytics capability. In 2001 Dimitri transferred to the London office to become Principal of International Consulting, responsible for developing the consultancy offering for international clients. He also became the head of Ogilvy’s Global Data & Analytics practice.

In 2004 Dimitri moved to San Francisco to work at Cisco’s headquarters in San José. There he was responsible for developing Cisco’s advanced analytics department. After a spell in Silicon Valley, he moved to the New York office to run Ogilvy’s Strategy team, which included Ogilvy’s Marketing Strategy, CRM and Analytics capabilities. He took on the management of OgilvyOne in New York in 2011.


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