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2 ways to quickly kill customer relationships

2 ways to quickly kill customer relationships Mark Miller

The one thing holding your brand back from successful engagement might be your tried and true strategy! The best brands are learning to let go and let their customers drive the brand relationship. Join iMedia's Bethany Simpson as she gets the inside track on successful customer connections from Mark Miller, CRM Practice Lead at Digitas.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — If you don't have good customer relationships, you don't have anything
1:00 — Exchanging timelines and hypertargeting for customer-driven engagement
1:30 — The customer is the voice of the brand
2:00 — The millennial customer's expectations
2:30 — Orchestrating a dialogue
3:00 — 2 ways to kill the customer relationship
3:40 — Media mix, marketing mix
4:30 — How to use data respectfully but effectively
5:00 — The biggest digital marketing opportunity for 2013
Run time is 5:27

As CRM Practice Lead, Mark Miller leads the agency’s customer relationship management practice. His focus is on the exponential growth of digital technology, and keeping mobile and social data at the core of CRM.


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