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2012 in digital: Summed up in 10 quotes

2012 in digital: Summed up in 10 quotes Jim Nichols

A lot happened in digital this year, but sometimes just a few sentences can explain a lot. What follows are 10 short quotations from digital leaders -- statements that embody the news, ideas, and trends that shaped digital this year. Give them a look!

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

"Challenges ahead" image via Shutterstock.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO

"Carpentry background" image via Shutterstock.

Frank Cooper, PepsiCo CMO

"Broken pencil point" image via Shutterstock.

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO

"Runner" image via Shutterstock.

Ben Silbermann, Pinterest CEO

"Close up of a note paper with push pin" image via Shutterstock.

Mark Pincus, Zynga CEO


"Tree branches on blue sky" image via Shutterstock.

Jack Dorsey, Square CEO and Twitter chairman

"Hand of business women" image via Shutterstock.

John Battelle, Federated Media executive chair


"1100101 blue" image via Shutterstock.

Larry Page, Google CEO


"Night traffic" image via Shutterstock.

And last but not least...

Jim Nichols is vice president of marketing at Mediaplex.

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Jim Nichols is VP of Marketing for Apsalar. Jim has 20+ years experience in over 80 different categories, including developing successful positioning and go-to-market plans for more than 40 adtech and martech companies. He joins Apsalar after...

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