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3 steps to creating a blockbuster app

3 steps to creating a blockbuster app Ward Chandler

To app, or not to app? That is the question many brands and agencies are asking. And if you do decide to invest in a mobile application, how do you cut through the clutter? No one knows the nuts and bolts of web strategy and launching apps better than start-up companies innovating in the mobile space. Join CEO Ward Chandler as he talks about how his award-winning app, SeeMail, is changing the mobile entertainment game. The company relies on user feedback, social marketing, and celebrity involvement to generate big interest with audiences.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — What is SeeMail?
0:26 — When creating an app, what do you first optimize?
0:57 — How to learn from your user
1:36 — Social integration = grass roots marketing
2:54 — Keep improving the experience
3:41 — Get celebrities on board
Run time is 4:18

Ward Chandler is an entrepreneur with over 30 years experience creating and operating technology, finance and real estate related ventures. He founded his first company while still at University of Alberta to import and distribute cellular telephone equipment in Alberta before the cellular system was launched in Canada. He did his first public company deal when 27 years old - Optical Data Systems Inc. - a high technology data storage service company targeting the oil and gas industry. Successful sale in 1992. He got excited about the World Wide Web in 1995 and dived in with online cash funding and lead generation businesses. Registered Cashadvance.com in early 1997 and built it into one of the largest online lead generation sites in the payday loan space. Sold in 2010. Now working on new startups in mobile apps and seeking angel investment opportunities.

Entrepreneur, Aspiring Yogi, Guitar Collector, Investor. - - - - - I am a compulsive Entrepreneur with over 30 years experience creating and operating technology, finance and real estate related ventures.   I founded my first company while...

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