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3 ways to screw up push notifications

3 ways to screw up push notifications Brent Hieggelke

Walgreens was a hit with customers when it enabled push notification alerts to let people know when their prescriptions were ready. And Burton Snowboards uses push notifications to let skiers know about snow fall on their favorite mountains. But not every company uses push notifications well. iMedia's Bethany Simpson spoke with Urban Airship CMO Brent Hieggelke about ways to mess up with this powerful tool.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — When push notifications are used well...
0:45 — 3 ways to screw up push notifications
1:42 — Push notifications are a privilege for brands
1:55 — Urban Airship
2:25 — 2013 will be the year of the embroidered jacket
Run time is 2:55

Brent Hieggelke is the CMO of Urban Airship, which helps the world’s top brands grow mobile engagement through push notifications, and in-app purchases and subscriptions. Previously, he spent a decade helping brands optimize digital marketing initiatives in executive marketing posts at WebTrends, TouchClarity and Omniture. Most recently, Brent started and ran Second Porch, the first Facebook-integrated social vacation rental site sold to HomeAway, Inc. in May 2011. Early in his career, Brent co-founded New City, a media company in Chicago. Brent has been awarded multiple marketing awards, and is a frequent speaker at both marketing and digital conferences.

Brent Hieggelke is the CMO of Urban Airship, which enables the world's top brands to earn and maintain a presence on their customers' mobile devices through mobile relationship management solutions. Previously, he spent a decade helping brands...

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