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How to generate "gotta have it" appeal

Julie Marchant-Houle
How to generate "gotta have it" appeal Julie Marchant-Houle

Are you creating "appetite appeal" for your product? Do consumers want each next great item you release? It's hard to develop this kind of brand loyalty, but if you can, it's extremely valuable. iMedia's Bethany Simpson spoke with Julie Marchant-Houle, Revlon's VP of marketing and global portfolio leader about ways the company is creating brand magic for the Almay line. It goes beyond data and strategy into enticing the customer. Don't miss these tips.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — Brand magic meets data
0:42 — Creating a strategy that fits her
1:02 — Learning from the customer, training the customer
1:45 — Being a part of the conversation
2:30 — No. 1 challenge and No. 1 opportunity
2:47 — It's not about how much money you spend
Run time is 3:23

Julie Marchant-Houle is the VP, Marketing and Global Portfolio Leader for Revlon where she is responsible for the Almay brand franchise globally, including brand equity, portfolio plan development and marketing asset development. In this role, she is responsible for the US business go-to-market. Prior to joining Revlon in 2011, Julie was with Proctor & Gamble for more than two decades and held various marketing roles across Canada and the US.


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