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Why Facebook isn't helping your sales funnel

Why Facebook isn't helping your sales funnel Alison Koplar

In the digital world, sales funnels are multi-faceted. There are numerous opportunities to interact with consumers as they consider a purchase. But you don't have to be everywhere; you have to be in the right places. Is it time to put less time into Facebook and Pinterest, and more time into platforms like reddit? Find out why some channels are great for engagement while others help more for actual conversions. iMedia's Bethany Simpson speaks with Refinery29's Alison Koplar.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — Reaching consumers along the whole sales funnel
0:35 — Brands are becoming publishers
1:20 — The digital path to purchase and omni-channel marketing
2:00 — Facebook is great for engagement and referrals, terrible for conversions
3:05 — How will shopping continue to change?
4:20 — Levis and Instagram
5:15 — 2013 is going to be the year of...
Run time is 5:48

Alison Koplar is a veteran of the digital fashion world as she’s worked for Liz Claiborne, InStyle, The Knot Inc., and as the Digital Sales Director at ELLE, where she spearheaded some of the fashion industry’s first integrated marketing campaigns and oversaw a 400% increase in revenue during her tenure. Despite her success at ELLE, Alison couldn’t help but notice a unique website taking the fashion world by storm. Since arriving as employee #7 at Refinery29, she has assembled a world-class team and built an infrastructure that allows for custom collaboration with brands on editorial, product, design, and consumer marketing endeavors. At Refinery29, she’s lead team towards a 1000%+ revenue growth, helping the company to secure a spot on the Inc 500 as well as the leading independent style site on the web.

- Manage and sell to a mature list of fashion, beauty, and retail clients while also maintaining a non-endemic portfolio consisting of CE, CPG, and spirits products. <br /><br />- I serve as a liason to a print managerial...

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