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Media Motion: Legolas Media, Yahoo, and Digitas

Media Motion: Legolas Media, Yahoo, and Digitas iMedia Editors

Antler and Magners Irish Cider are again partners for the third annual Magners Comedy Festival to be held in Boston in January at five venues.

Attensity announced an initiative with Yahoo to provide millions of viewers a voice in the ABC News debate on Jan. 7 in New Hampshire.

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Clearspring, provider of AddThis, announced that it has brought on Lee Hoffman as senior vice president of sales. The company also added Bryan Weston to its Detroit office as sales director, focused specifically on the automotive industry.

Digiday's industry survey sponsored by Vizu said marketers will be allocating nearly 60 percent of their online budgets to brand advertising in 2012.

Digitas announced the appointment of Simon Calvert to lead worldwide strategic planning.

HookLogic announced Jeff Griffin will be its new president of retail.

House Party announced the hire of Chris Maher as CEO to lead the company in its next phase of growth and evolution into the social media space.

Legolas Media has hired Tami Kelly as its first director, account management.

Local Corporation announced record fourth quarter 2011 search traffic. The company reached total traffic of 93.7 million monthly unique visitors on the website and network during the fourth quarter.

MediaBrix announced that it has hired Manny Berrios as its chief technical officer, and Sandro Camarao as vice president of product management.

R/GA is pleased to announce the addition of Chris Bradley as executive creative director. Jess Greenwood also has joined the agency as director of business strategy.

Remark Media announced Carrie Ferman has been named CEO after serving as the company’s executive vice president of corporate strategy. Bradley Zimmer, formerly executive vice president and general counsel, will assume the role of chief operating officer and general counsel. Eric Orme will remain as chief technology officer.

[x+1] announced that Peter Massey been named president and COO.

Yahoo announced that the company is promoting Javier Garcia to the newly created position of general manager of the U.S. Hispanic business.

ZEDO moved out of the office on 2nd Street in San Francisco to 850 Montgomery Street, Suite 150, San Francisco, CA 94113. The phone number will remain the same, (415) 348 -1975.

Zmags announced securing $7 million in financing to fuel growth in multi-channel rich media merchandising and commerce.

Editor's note: We list the companies and people alphabetically. Our bimonthly column is always looking for announcements, so please email them to [email protected].


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