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Our exclusive (and very funny) interview with Annoying Orange

Our exclusive (and very funny) interview with Annoying Orange Dane Boedigheimer

Annoying Orange creator Dane Boedigheimer is a surprisingly normal guy. Yes, he's contagiously funny, digitally famous, and has started wearing his hair Bieber-style. But despite the popularity, Dane is a clever guy who "just likes making videos."

The first Annoying Orange video debuted on October 9, 2009. It was a short YouTube video about a talking orange who pesters an apple ("Hey, hey Apple!")...until the kitchen knife comes along. Dane's friends insisted he make more. The original Annoying Orange video now hasĀ more thanĀ 120 million views, and it seeded a sensation.

iMedia's Bethany Simpson recently spent time with Dane. Find out more about the guy who created YouTube's No. 10 most-subscribed channel, including his favorite Annoying Orange character voice, his dream celebrity guest, and what comes next for the famous fruit.

Meet the Annoying Orange gang

Annoying Orange creator Dane Boedigheimer introduces us to Orange, Pear, Midget/Little Apple, Marshmallow, Grapefruit, and the rest of the core group (pun intended).

What is the Annoying Orange TV show like?

Annoying Orange's dream celebrity guest

Will there be an Annoying Orange movie?

Who is Annoying Orange's favorite voice?

Annoying Orange gets LIVE results from the Cartoon Network

Dane Boedigheimer (also known in the video world as Daneboe) is the creator of the Annoying Orange series, the No. 10 most-subscribed channel on YouTube. Dane is a prolific video creator, the founder of Gagfilms, and at one time he worked for MTV's "Pimp My Ride." In addition to the Annoying Orange web series and TV show, Dane continues to produce additional video features including Daneboe Exposed and Video Game Mashups.

You can follow Dane and Bethany on Twitter.

  Dane Boedigheimer is a filmmaker and goofball extraordinaire. Boedigheimer spent most of his life in the glamorous Midwest: Harwood, ND to be exact. With nothing better to do, at age 12 Boedigheimer began making short movies and videos with...

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