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Who's making money in social TV?

Who's making money in social TV? Mark Silva

Let's start with a definition of "social TV." Anthem Worldwide's SVP of emerging platforms, Mark Silva, says it's this: a combination of the social activities surrounding the television experience, the technologies making the activities happen, and the technologies used to measure them.

Whether you see social TV as a trend or the new normal, there's money to be made. But the winners won't necessarily be the companies that already have a major presence in digital and social media. Mark says some of digital's lowest spenders are going to experience social TV as an entirely new marketplace, and see their businesses transformed.

Here's more from Mark, including lessons from the Brand Hackathon and tips for marketers.

Who's making money in social TV?

90% of tablet and smartphone users do "second-screen" activities

2 ways marketers can take advantage of new user habits

"The lowest spenders on digital right now are consumer packaged goods, entertainment and media...this area of social TV is going to be...a new marketplace for them. I think their business will be transformed through connected TV and the socialization of TV." - Mark Silva

What was the Brand Hackathon?

2 lessons from the Hackathon

Final thoughts on social TV

Mark Silva is the SVP, emerging platforms, at Anthem Worldwide, a division of Schawk Inc. He was the co-founder of Real Branding, a company Schawk acquired in 2010. Silva says he built Real Branding at the intersection of Madison (advertising), Vine (entertainment), and Valley (technology), where award-winning thinking and work drives the best and most beloved brands that value the digital channel.

Mark Silva is a Silicon Valley veteran with 20-plus years of experience building digital media and marketing companies and working with some of the world's largest brands. Most recently, Silva led the Anthem emerging platforms practice before...

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