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12 videos that went viral this month

Bethany Simpson
12 videos that went viral this month Bethany Simpson

1. "Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Epic Rap Battles of History"

This "epic rap battle" parodies tech legends Steve Jobs and Bill Gates trading beat-driven jabs like: "All the people with the power to create use an Apple."  "And the people with jobs use PC." The video received almost 2 million views in its first 2 days, and has recently passed 6 million. The "Epic Rap Battle" series also includes "Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley" (14 million views) and Master Chief vs. Leonidas (26 million views).

2. "10 Bets You Will Never Lose"

From the quirky mind of Richard Wiseman comes this British-voiced "how to" video that scored almost 4 million views in its first 5 days. This video shows ways you can trick your friends into giving you their money with slight-of-hand and physics-challenging stunts that involve matchsticks, glasses of beer, and 20 pound notes. (U.S. participants, feel free to use a 20 bill if the Queen's currency isn't handy.) Other titles from this video maker include "10 Amazing Practical Jokes" and "10 Quirky Science Stunts."

3. "Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal"

In the spirit of the "JK Wedding Entrance Dance" video (which has received over 75 million views), this memorable proposal includes a great song ("Marry You" by Bruno Mars), friends dancing, and the right combination of awkward and sweet. Watch it here. This viral favorite has already earned over 14 million views.

4. "Barack Obama Singing 'Call Me Maybe' by Carly Rae Jepsen"

If you haven't watched this video yet, you might think from the title that it's Barack Obama singing. It's actually one of the many "Barack's Dubs" mashups. With 90 thousand subscribers and over 30 million total views, this unlikely channel has become a runaway hit. Additional songs include "Sexy and I Know It," "Born This Way," and "Drink to That." The "Call Me Maybe" video already has 14 million views.

This video also follows the "Call Me Maybe" meme originated by a video by the "@Abercrombie & Fitch Guys," and followed up with videos by the Harvard Baseball team, the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, Jimmy Fallon, and many others.


The team at ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) harnesses the power of internet memes in this video that gives an "Lolcats"-like hovercat "Matrix" moves. (The video might also be a positive twist on the recent Orvillecopter video.) Head-bobbing George the cat and Nightline's Dan Harris star in this viral spot about pet adoption.

6. "Coca Cola Security Cameras"

With the challenge, "Let's look at the world a little differently," Coca Cola takes us through a timeline of clips from various security cameras around the world. We see strangers helping each other, a cleaning guy dancing when he thinks no one is looking, hidden elevator kisses, and heroic moments. Almost 4 million views so far.

7. "Lamborghini Crashes in Chicago Suburbs"

Do you ever wish you had been filming at just the right moment? When three young people see a Lamborghini stopped at an intersection, they start filming in hopes that something happens. 30 seconds later… Click play to see why over 14 million people have viewed this video.

8. Samsung's "Seductive Motion"

Apparently people like models, awkward humor, and, we assume, technology. This long-form ad from Samsung about the motion-controls on their Smart TV quickly generated almost 11 million views. Keep an eye open for a popular towel-wearing web celeb.

9. "+100500 - 'Honour Board'"

This quick-talking 22-year old from Russia runs color commentary on funny videos including sports fails, strange products, and funny moments. He's big with English markets, but he's huge with Russian-speaking audiences. In fact, he only started running English versions of his videos recently. Our win.

Creator Adam Thomas Moran's "+100500" YouTube channel currently has over 1 million subscribers and almost 550 million video views. In this episode he introduces us to an invention he discovered called the "treadmill bike," saying it's "even more useless than the fork he uses to hold his spoon to eat cola."

10. "Mister Rogers Remixed | Garden of Your Mind | PBS Digital Studios"

If nostalgia hasn't convinced you yet to watch this video, take our advice and watch it. The video was produced in conjunction with John D. Boswell, creator of YouTube channel "melodysheep: Remixes for the Soul." The Mister Rogers video is a happiness-inspiring remix with almost 5 million views, so far. Then visit the melodysheep channel for more great remixes including "Symphony of Science - The Quantum World" starring Morgan Freeman and Stephen Hawking.

11. "Holding People's Hand"

What would you do if a stranger walked up alongside you and tried to hold your hand? In this awkward yet interesting video from YouTube channel "Losing All Hope Was Freedom," we find out exactly how people respond. Spoiler: it's kind of painful. After running similar videos like "Sitting Next to People" and "Almost Picking Up Older Women," which each netted about 100 thousand views, Tosh.O blogged the hand-holding video, leading to over 4.5 million views.

12. "The Cat Which Sleeps…"

Cute cat videos have already taken over the internet, but we especially like when they're edited well so you get all the cute moments in less than a minute. After being featured on Huffington Post, this adorable pair captured over 2 million views.

Bethany Simpson

Bethany has worked with Fortune-1000 executives for 8 years. From 2007 to 2011 she served as director of content development for the Leadership Network, a private online community for C-Level leaders of Fortune-1000 companies and $1B+ organizations.

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