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3 things we didn't know about viral videos

3 things we didn't know about viral videos iMedia Editors

Why having a video go viral is like winning the lottery

How do you respond when your client asks you to make a viral video? Kevin "Nalts" Nalty says you should be careful to commit, as it's almost impossible to know what's going to be a hit. "For every viral video, there are thousands and thousands that don't make it."

But, as he tells iMedia's Bethany Simpson, the right elements can sometimes come together to make a sensation.

"I have a thousand videos on YouTube, but three of them represent the vast majority of my views."
-Kevin Nalty

4 tips to increase your chances of having a video go viral

As you're creating video assets, here are a few things that will make it more likely that people come in droves to watch.

"Audiences like surprises, 'how did they do that?', babies, sex, a twist…"
-Kevin Nalty

Who's doing it wrong?

20-20 hindsight is a great thing. Kevin tells us about a surprise viral success, and laughs about the ideas that are just wrong.

"Dancing babies have kind of jumped the shark…"
-Kevin Nalty

Kevin “Nalts” Nalty is the only popular YouTube Partner who doubles as a career marketer. He is the author of “Beyond Viral: How to Attract Customers, Promote Your Brand, and Make Money with Online Video” (Wiley). Nalty is one of the most-viewed comedians on YouTube, with more than 220 million views of more than 1000 videos. He and his comedy videos have appeared on NBC, CNN ABC News, MTV and BBC. Currently a Product Director with Johnson & Johnson, Nalty has worked with some of the leading consumer, travel and entertainment brands. He has been sponsored by Fox, Starbucks, GE, Kodak, Pepto Bismol, Microsoft and MTV. Nalty has worked in digital marketing since its infancy, and is a frequent speaker and author in the area of online-video and social-media marketing.

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