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5 video myths debunked at the NewFronts

5 video myths debunked at the NewFronts iMedia Editors

Myth 1: Online video is a niche trend

Online video went mainstream so quickly that many of us are still getting our bearings. Sean Finnegan, CEO of The C4 Group, says in the past four months 100 million people have viewed online video, while only 63 million people have watched TV. And advertisers are shifting real spend into this new marketplace. If you think online video is still the niche trend it was one to two years ago, it's time to push a reset button. Here's more from Digitas' Paul Kontonis, Revision 3's Jim Louderback, YuMe's Scot McLernon, Digitas' Colin Kinsella, CNN's Piers Morgan, Disney's Ali Wentworth, "The Guild" star Felicia Day, "My Damn Channel Live" star Beth Hoyt, International Creative Management's George Ruiz, Babble.com's Rufus Griscom, Disney Interactive's Margie Gilmore, and Disney Interactive's Dave Dickman.

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Myth 2: The only at-scale online video options for advertisers are TV shows and viral user-generated videos

Until recently, advertisers struggled to find online video options that matched the scale of TV. But that was yesterday. This year's NewFronts marked the arrival of a new mature segment of online video: premium video with scale. Companies like Disney Interactive Media Group, Alloy, AOL, Yahoo, VEVO, and Digital Broadcasting Group are producing large quantities of high-quality, popular shows with viewerships rivaling and even surpassing broadcast TV.

Here's more from Federated Media CEO Deanna Brown, PepsiCo's Frank Cooper, Alloy EVP Andi Poch, Alloy CEO Matt Diamond, and YouTube sensation "Smosh" stars Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox.

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Myth 3: The shift from traditional TV viewing to digital will take 5-plus years

Our parents might still be watching regularly scheduled TV programs, but younger viewers aren't. The shift from traditional to "video everywhere" viewing is already well underway. We were surprised to hear that Xbox console video watching has already surpassed online multiplayer gaming. Here's more from the Xbox NewFront, including a new partnership with ESPN, and updates to how the company is working with Nielsen and comScore to establish new digital measurement standards.

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Myth 4: Online-only media is less attractive to advertisers than traditional media

So you probably haven't believed this myth for a while. But it was a standard for a long time. In the new ecosystem, companies including the Pulitzer Prize-winning Huffington Post and its parent company AOL are churning out massive quantities of video and rich-media content across channels such as food, business, entertainment, style, technology, travel, health, and others. And they're optimizing their content portfolio for multi-screen consumption.

Here's more from the AOL NewFront, including announcements from Huffington Post president and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington.

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Myth 5: Online video is being held back by a lack of measurement standards and poor bandwidth providers

This one is one of those tricky true/false statements. Yes, online video will hit a huge new surge when we standardize measurements and when internet and mobile providers offer better coverage. But don't let these things be an excuse to wait. Users have already adopted web and mobile video into their daily routine, and advertisers are seeing immense value.

Here's more from industry insiders Geomentum CEO Sean Finnegan, Collective CEO Joe Apprendi, Rhythm NewMedia CRO Paul Bremer, Digital Broadcasting Group CEO Chris Young, and HealthNation CEO Raj Amin.

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