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Is SeeMail the next Instagram?

Your Facebook friend just posted a pic where he's sporting punk rock hair and black fingernails. Up until now he's been a straight-laced guy. It turns out he was dressed up for a role in Godspell. But it took two months for you to hear the story. Too bad the story wasn't attached to the photo.

We've become such an image-based (the photo and video kind) society. The SeeMail team thinks their app is the next big thing: adding voice to photos. SeeMail creator Ward Chandler says the inspiration for the app was old family photos with the story written on the back. "You'd turn the photo over and see writing on the back. It made the photo so much more meaningful, because you knew the context."

iMedia's Bethany Simpson spoke with Ward Chandler and Kent Speakman about the new app.

Three views of the SeeMail app interface

Introducing SeeMail

How does it work?

Trends driving the popularity of Instagram, Path, and SeeMail

Launching a sensation

Ward Chandler is a compulsive Entrepreneur with over 30 years experience creating and operating technology, finance and real estate related ventures. He founded his first company while still at University of Alberta to import and distribute cellular telephone equipment in Alberta before the cellular system was launched in Canada. He did his first public company deal when he was 27 years old - Optical Data Systems Inc - a high technology data storage service company targeting the oil and gas industry. Successful sale in 1992. Got excited about the World Wide Web in 1995 and dived in with online cash funding and lead generation businesses. Registered Cashadvance.com in early 1997 and built it into one of the largest online lead generation sites in the payday loan space. Sold in 2010. Now working on new startups in mobile apps and seeking angel investment opportunities.

Kent Speakman is the President & Managing Partner of ENGAGEIA & Co-Founder of SeeMail. He was recently honored as one of the iMedia Top 10 Hottest Digital Marketers of 2011, and his company ENGAGEIA was a finalist, Best Social Media Agency of 2011 at the iMedia Agency Awards. ENGAGEIA is an interactive, incubation and intelligence agency working with startups and established brands; SeeMail is a mobile app that allows users to add voice notes to photographs. Kent has a wide & influential network having orchestrated a variety of film & technology deals spanning Canada, USA, UK, China and India.

Entrepreneur, Aspiring Yogi, Guitar Collector, Investor. - - - - - I am a compulsive Entrepreneur with over 30 years experience creating and operating technology, finance and real estate related ventures.   I founded my first company while...

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