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The top 10 hottest brands in online video

The top 10 hottest brands in online video iMedia Editors

The top 10 hottest brands in online video

In April, the Top Brands in Video chart saw debuts from Chrysler, a long-established American brand, and Tipp-Ex, a lesser-known European brand aiming to make an impact in social video. Additionally, Nike and T-Mobile made comebacks after short hiatuses from the top 10 slots.

Powered by data from Visible Measures, this monthly chart looks at the most-watched brands in online video, across all of their campaigns. (Check out past charts for March, February, and January.)

And now, let's take a look at the videos that have been driving brand success over the past month.

1. Google

Google leapt to the top of the chart in April with more than 100 percent growth and 26.8 million views. "Project Glass" tops Google's list of most-viewed campaigns for April. The campaign introduces the internet giant's latest high-concept project, "augmented reality glasses." Additional campaigns also generating significant viewership are "Gmail Tap," which introduces a new typing system for Google phones, and "Chromebook."

Powered by Visible Measures.

2. Rovio

The mobile gaming company remains at second place this month with 19.6 million views. It's especially impressive considering "Angry Birds Space" is the brand's first social video campaign. "Angry Birds Space" consists of a number of game-play spots, as well as a promotional spot with a NASA astronaut.

Powered by Visible Measures.

3. Invisible Children

"Kony 2012" saw a significant decline in views in April, but it continues to attract viewership, grabbing more than 13 million views. In March, Invisible Children achieved viral video stardom with "Kony 2012." In April, the non-profit released additional creatives, mostly regarding its event "Cover The Night," which sought to cover cities worldwide with Kony posters, stickers, and murals to raise awareness.

Powered by Visible Measures.

4. Nike

The sports apparel brand returns to the chart this month and jumps to fourth place with 10.7 million views. Nike has more than 100 active campaigns in social video, but the most-watched campaign is "Nike+ Fuelband Counts." The campaign was originally launched in January, but Nike recently uploaded several new assets in the last month.

Powered by Visible Measures.

5. Tipp-Ex

The correction fluid brand makes its debut on the chart by grabbing fifth place with 8.6 million views. The brand launched "Hunter and Bear's 2012 Birthday Party" in mid-April, which follows in the same interactive style as Tipp-Ex's 2010 viral campaign "Hunter Shoots a Bear." "Hunter and Bear's 2012 Birthday Party" features 40 different scenarios that the viewer can choose from by typing in different years to celebrate Bear's birthday.

Powered by Visible Measures.

6. T-Mobile

The cell phone brand made a comeback in April at sixth place with 8.4 million views. Of the 30-plus campaigns in T-Mobile's roster, its newest campaign, "No More Mr. Nice Girl," is gathering the most views. The campaign revamps the cell phone brand, while also reinventing the look of the now-iconic T-Mobile girl. Additionally, "Angry Birds," and "T-Mobile Dance" are also driving significant views.

Powered by Visible Measures.

7. Microsoft

The software brand grabbed 6.4 million views in April and slipped to seventh place. Microsoft has more than 60 campaigns, and three of them collected more than 1.5 million views each in April, "A More Beautiful Web," "Smoked by Windows Phone," and "TAD." Each campaign is about a different sector of the brand -- internet browsers, smartphones, and a private cloud solution.

Powered by Visible Measures.

8. Samsung

Samsung saw a slight increase in views in April to nab eighth place with more than 5.8 million views. All of Samsung's top three campaigns for the month are promoting the Samsung Galaxy line of phones, including "Galaxy Note," "Elephant Plays with Galaxy Note," and "Galaxy Nexus Calling All." 

Powered by Visible Measures.

9. Chrysler

The American automaker made its debut on the chart by collecting more than 5 million views, enough for ninth place. The brand's most-watched campaign is "It's Halftime in America," which was originally launched during the Super Bowl. Chrysler recently released new creatives, which has piqued interest in the brand. The creatives all feature a different Chrysler sub-brand, including Jeep, Ram, and Dodge.

Powered by Visible Measures.

10. Old Spice

The male grooming brand falls to 10th place following a 37 percent decline in views to 4.5 million views."Believe in Your Smellf," launched in late April, is driving the most views to the brand. The campaign promotes its Old Spice Champion line of products, and actress Heather Graham makes a cameo. Additionally, January's "Smell is Power" is also driving significant views.

Powered by Visible Measures.

iMedia's Top 10 Brands in Video chart, powered by Visible Measures, focuses on aggregated brand view counts across related social video ad campaigns. Each brand and campaign is measured on a True Reach basis, which includes viewership of both brand-syndicated and audience-driven video clips. The data are compiled using the patented Visible Measures platform, a constantly growing repository of analytic data on close to 400 million videos tracked across more than 300 online video destinations.

Note: This analysis does not include Visible Measures' paid-placement (e.g., overlays; pre-, mid-, and post-roll) performance data or video views on private sites. This chart does not include movie trailers, video game campaigns, TV show, or media network promotions. View counts are incremental by month.

Learn more here. 

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