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Why product videos make people buy stuff

Why product videos make people buy stuff iMedia Editors

Video has a big new role on today's commerce stage. "Video helps consumers see products in action before they purchase," says Diane Bunton, Dell's global ecommerce marketing director. "Most customers think about technology purchases for a while, so they'll come to the site more than once before they make a purchase decision. And we look at adding video that will support that whole decision making experience."

Here's more about what makes a good product video, and how video is impacting the overall purchase cycle.

What makes a good product video?

When is video helpful in the path to purchase? What do you measure to know if your videos are making an impact? Dell's Diane Bunton speaks with Shelly Palmer.

When should you use video vs. text or a feature list?

Is video always the right tool for the job? Diane recommends, "Don't make a video unless you have a reason to. You have to have something to show."

"People like to see how products open and close. They get a feel for the size and weight of a product when they see someone actually using it. You can't get that from a white paper or a still shot."
-Diane Bunton

Diane's biggest challenge

What keeps Diane up at night? One might argue it's actually a good thing...

As Director of Rich Media and Video for Dell, Inc., Diane Bunton manages a global team charged with technology, strategy and content for video on Dell.com. Diane specializes in building scalable global programs for ROI-based web content.

From 2002 to 2006, Diane led new product introduction for Dell printers in the Americas and EMEA. Prior to joining Dell, she held product and brand management positions at Compaq, BMC Software and Crossroads Systems. Diane has a BA in History and International Policy from Rice University and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. She enjoys skiing, pilates and science fiction.

Shelly Palmer is a consultant and the host of MediaBytes a daily show featuring news you can use about technology, media & entertainment and Managing Director of Advanced Media Ventures Group LLC. He invented Enhanced Television (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Monday Night Football), the most popular form of interactive television in the United States. Mr. Palmer is the President of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, NY (the organization that bestows the coveted Emmy® Awards).

iMedia Communications, Inc. is a trade publisher and event producer serving interactive media and marketing industries. The company was founded in September of 2001 and is a subsidiary of Comexposium USA.  ...

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