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2 places marketing dollars are being wasted on Facebook

2 places marketing dollars are being wasted on Facebook Lucy Jacobs

Are you up-to-date with Facebook's newest tools for driving customer engagement? Lucy Jacobs, COO at Spruce Media, tells iMedia's Bethany Simpson about the platform's new and existing areas of value, and the areas that are a waste of budget.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — Targeting, relevance, customization, and value
0:45 — Adding insider value
1:20 — Facebook's newest products for brands
2:00 — 2 places where marketing dollars are being wasted on Facebook
2:25 — The metric of success
2:55 — Tips for driving value on Facebook
3:45 — Mobile at scale
Run time is 4:08

Lucy Jacobs is Chief Operating Officer of Spruce Media based in San Francisco. Spruce Media is a rapidly growing leader in Facebook advertising that specializes in performance based user acquisition. Spruce Media is a Facebook Ads API partner and has built proprietary media buying software that allows us to more efficiently reach customers on Facebook and maximize reach and ROI for our advertising customers.


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