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3 ways your app can drive ROI

Your choices are limited by your company's wallet. How do you prioritize your mobile projects? Join iMedia's Bethany Simpson as she talks to Dan Drummond, P.F. Chang's brand marketing director, about going "app first and web second." Also learn how this national brand is making the most out of its mobile marketing strategy through a very engaging (and a very tasty) app.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — How customers think of us
0:45 — App generated around loyalty
1:30 — The key is interactive
2:00 — The answer to specific challenges
2:30 — Driving customer behavior
3:00 — App first, web second?
4:00 — Standing out among the app crowd
4:40 — From an ROI perspective
5:10 — Extending the brand
Run time is 2:48

As Brand Director for P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Dan Drummond brings more than 23 years of business, management and leadership experience to his role. He is responsible for all aspects of marketing, PR, research, events and sponsorships across 205 P.F. Chang’s China Bistro restaurants in 38 states, and manages the Guest Relations Department which services P.F. Chang’s and PeiWei.


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