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7 questions to ask before you build for mobile

iMedia Editors
7 questions to ask before you build for mobile iMedia Editors

When it comes to mobile strategy, do you look first to the cool new things you can do, or to the reason behind your mobile presence? We spoke with Kia's Ryan Wein about the company's demographic-targeted mobile and web activities. After taking a deep look into various customer groups, Ryan's team was able to build apps and mobile interfaces with specific features and styles that fit each target group. Ryan and his team even evaluated how the various touch points of their mobile strategy helped or hindered the sales funnel. Watch the interview below to find out seven questions that will help you create an effective strategy.


Conversation highlights
0:00 — 1. What does your target demographic love?
0:45 — 2. Are you creating a consistent voice across all channels?
1:35 — 3. What role do your apps and mobile web play in your sales funnel?
2:50 — 4. How do your apps or mobile web help and hinder the buying process?
4:05 — 5. Will your customers' initial experience drive loyalty?
4:20 — 6. Do you know the top 3 behaviors your customers want to conduct online?
5:00 — 7. How can you take advantage of "quirks" of your demographic? (e.g. adding text and IM functionality for young buyers to contact Kia auto dealerships)
Run time is 6:08

With over 12 years in the automotive industry, Ryan Wein has spent the past several years spearheading e-commerce development at Kia Motors America. As the North American Internet and Mobile Marketing Manager, he is a passionate and vocal proponent for using the latest mobile technology to create engaging consumer experiences, helping to transform brand perceptions and drive vehicle sales.


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