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The Digital Dispatch: Nutrisystem, AppNexus, and VSA Partners

The Digital Dispatch: Nutrisystem, AppNexus, and VSA Partners iMedia Editors

Adfonic announced the availability of its mobile demand-side platform (DSP) Madison, which gives large-spending advertising agencies and brands greater transparency, control, and efficiency through access to a broad range of real-time bidding (RTB) inventory.

AppNexus announced that Lynda Clarizio is joining the company as EVP, corporate development and operations.

DealMarket and CapitalOnStage announced cooperation to enable startups to more efficiently get access to seed and venture capital.

eXelate announced the results of a study with Digiday which showed the growth of data in online ad campaigns, and particularly the growth of custom data -- first party or performance data modeled to achieve scale.

Flypaper launched the Flypaper Marketplace digital signage store, the go-to place for Flypaper partners to share and sell templates, components, media, and more. Flypaper also announced the release of Flypaper Connect, a family of bundled tools used to create real time data-based content for Flypaper digital signage programs.

hybris announced the appointment of Brian Walker to SVP of strategy.

Krux announced the adoption and deployment of its data management platform (DMP) by Wikia.

Music Choice announced the promotion of Tom Soper to senior director of adverting sales.

Nutrisystem announced that Dawn M. Zier will join the company as president and CEO.

Shiny Ads introduced Shiny Ads Direct Programmatic Guaranteed Platform for demand side platforms (DSPs) and agency trading desks, the first solution to automate the direct buying of premium guaranteed inventory on the publisher's ad servers.

Spotlight Financial Marketing announced it has named Aditi Vora as social media products associate.

The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. (JEGI) announced that it represented Conecture Technologies in the sale of MediaBox to Jonas Software.

VSA Partners announced the acquisition of Tender Creative, the innovative New York-based digital creative agency.

Editor's note: We list the companies and people alphabetically. Our bimonthly column is always looking for announcements, so please email them to [email protected].

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