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Why QR codes aren't dead yet

Why QR codes aren't dead yet Mark Silva

Brand marketers are as divided about QR codes as oil and water. Some love them, some hate them. So why do we all feel the need to use them? Maybe because 20 percent of all smartphone users engage in scanning QR codes to learn more about a product. Not only that, but one in ten shoppers scan QR codes in store. And QR codes can be a rich source of user data. Are QR codes an ugly addition to our marketing strategy? Or could they be a valuable addition? Anthem Worldwide's Mark Silva discusses the controversial 2-d barcodes in addition to shopper marketing strategy.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — QR codes: hot or not?
0:33 — The realistic consumer usage of QR codes
0:56 — How mobile plays a huge role in shopper marketing
1:48 — Why marketers are approaching mobile more carefully
Run time is 2:23

Mark Silva is SVP of Emerging Platforms at Anthem Worldwide, a division of Schawk, Inc. He also co-founded the digital marketing firm Real Branding, that Schawk acquired in 2010. Real Branding was built at the "intersection of Madison (advertising), Vine (entertainment) and Valley (technology)."

Mark Silva is a Silicon Valley veteran with 20-plus years of experience building digital media and marketing companies and working with some of the world's largest brands. Most recently, Silva led the Anthem emerging platforms practice before...

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Commenter: Dean Collins

2012, November 14

The "tramp stamp of brands" wow talk about bringing your own baggage to the discussion Mark.

The reason why QR codes work is because of defined interaction models much like door knobs...people understand how to use them and what is the expected interaction -and the reason why image recognition wont work is because no single propriatery backend platform (eg 100 different apps to download before i can view "yet another image recognition")
eg - http://blog.collins.net.pr/2011/04/aurasmas-image-recognition.html

Thanks for playing though and dont forget to visit the gift store on your way out.