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Why you need to ignore click-throughs in mobile

Why you need to ignore click-throughs in mobile Chris Albinson

Mobile is a massive force in the digital marketing world. Consumers are spending up to 20 percent of their daily lives using mobile devices. But with ambiguous metrics to track success, it may be hard to convince the CFO to invest spend in the mobile space. Three words: real time engagement. Join Panorama Capitol managing director Chris Albinson as he speaks to iMedia about what you should be doing, and tracking, in the mobile environment to help make your brand a part of your consumers' daily lives. Is the mobile click-through-rate a useless metric? What is the value in partnering with innovative start-ups? Find out more in this practical conversation about today's mobile landscape.

Conversation highlights

0:00 — Pain points for brands in the mobile space

0:54 — Tips for succeeding in mobile

1:28 — Using mobile to surprise and delight customers

2:19 — Divorcing ourselves from the mobile banner click through rate

3:13 — Ideas for putting the data to work

(4:45 — Chia Pet comment refers to a portion of the conversation that was removed due to length)

Run time is 4:57

Chris Albinson is a co-founder and managing director of Panorama where he focuses primarily on mobile and internet technology investments. Albinson helped grow four start-ups, most recently as chief strategy officer for Digital Island. Previously, he held corporate development roles at Newbridge Networks, Inc. where he led a $217 million corporate venture fund, which invested in 27 companies, including Juniper Networks, Cambrian Systems, Abatis Systems, Fastlane, BNI Systems, and PixStream. Albinson was also a general partner at JPMorgan Partners, co-heading the technology venture capital practice. He currently sits on the boards of Federated Media, Jiwire, Fixmo and Vyatta.


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