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4 ways Google is changing the rules in mobile

Brendon Kraham
4 ways Google is changing the rules in mobile Brendon Kraham

For marketers, bridging the gap between the digital and the physical world in the consumer shopping experience will be one of the biggest challenges we face in 2013. And there are big dollars at stake -- consumers will spend upwards of $200 billion via mobile devices this year. Luckily brilliant tech minds, like our friends at Google, are coming out with creative new technologies that present opportunities for both customers and digital marketers. Will traditional wallets soon be obsolete? What's going on with Google Glass? Is HTML5 the new Flash? Find out more about these new Google innovations that will help you expand your mobile and digital marketing strategies. iMedia's Bethany Simpson speaks with Brendon Kraham, Google's manager of global mobile solutions.

Conversation highlights

0:00 — Updates to Google Wallet

0:51 — $200 billion in mobile transactions, so far

1:12 — Chrome Experiment: the power of the palette

1:41 — Field Trip: bridging the physical and digital worlds

2:26 — Google Glass developments

3:13 — Is HTML5 the new Flash?

3:48 — 3 tips for winning in mobile

Run time is 4:51

Brendon Kraham is part of the Global Mobile Sales and Product Strategy Group, where he and his team are responsible for driving mobile revenue growth, scaling sales efforts around the world, and launching new ads products (across search and display) to the marketplace. He joined Google as part of the company’s acquisition of AdMob in May 2010 where he served as a senior director of sales. Kraham has more than 10 years of experience in sales having previously lead teams at Google and LookSmart. Kraham is a graduate of Seton Hall University.


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