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4 ways brands can leverage video-sharing apps

Joseph Deluca
4 ways brands can leverage video-sharing apps Joseph Deluca

With visual branding tools such as Pinterest and Instagram already being leveraged so readily, brands and advertisers are beginning to flock toward social video-sharing apps such as Viddy and Socialcam. According to comScore, more than 180 million consumers are watching more than 20 hours of online video a month in the U.S. alone. Video has become the desired means of engagement for both brands and consumers, and social video apps are one of the easiest ways to leverage this trend. Here are four ways Socialcam and Viddy can help you market your brand:

Teasers and trailers

Due to the brevity of these video apps, they are a great aggregator for trailers and teasers. For instance, a fashion label can "tease" portions of a new product line, or movie studios can present a short trailer for an upcoming film. These can even be rolled out as a series where each week a new piece of your campaign can be revealed. This is a great way to keep consumers engaged with your brand and keep it "top of mind."

Sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes looks

Similar tactics that work well on these apps are sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes looks. If you'd like to generate buzz before a product release, you can peak interest by showing part of or pieces of the product via a short video. Furthermore, you can offer up a glimpse of what things are like on the inside with exclusive content, such as showing a rare glimpse of your office or how your product is made. More than ever, consumers want to feel like they are a part of their favorite brands, and this is a great way to do that.

Product updates

Viddy and Socialcam are also great for preexisting products. Have an update or a new version? Keep your customers in the know with a quick video update. This can be a great tool to use for upselling. For instance, you can promote extensions or add-ons to the products that have already been sold. If you have a game or app, this is a way to keep your user base engaged.


Because of their engaging nature, social-video apps have proven to be a great way to launch promotions and produce user-generated content. These apps are easy to use and take little effort from consumers to produce video. A brand that has leveraged this to its advantage is Southwest Airlines. The U.S. domestic airlines gave users the opportunity to create a Southwest-themed Viddy with the winning video receiving round-trip plane tickets to the Sundance Film Festival.

Although the user base of these apps have been a reason for debate, they reach tens of millions of consumers and bring together the social and video worlds to create one of the best ways to engage consumers. Have you been using Viddy or Socialcam in your marketing? If so, how has it worked out?

Joseph Deluca is the marketing and PR manager at SponsorPay.

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