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The best and worst digital shopping tactics

The best and worst digital shopping tactics Julia Fitzgerald

Imagine shopping for the perfect dress by trying clothes on virtually in your own living room. Or picture a store where you check out by simply scanning a QR code on the package. The shopping experience has gone digital, and brands are reinventing ways for consumers to connect and engage with their products. From online marketing to targeted mobile discounts, the customer is living in the digital space and marketers will either adapt or miss out. Many brands have already launched campaigns in this new space -- so what exactly is working? Julia Fitzgerald, chief digital engagement officer for Sears, joins iMedia's Bethany Simpson in a fascinating discussion about the trends and technologies consumers are embracing, and some that your brand needs to avoid.


Conversation highlights

0:00 — What does a Chief Digital Engagement Officer do?
0:17 — The future of the digital shopping experience - what's not working
1:14 — The digital dressing room
1:57 — What is working
2:32 — Providing content to consumers
3:27 — What's next for Sears
3:41 — Let's talk money: digital wallets
Run is 4:37

Julia Fitzgerald is one of most seasoned members of Sears management team. She began her career with Hallmark Cards in 1992 and spent five years with the company before moving to paper products giant Mead, where she served as marketing director. Fitzgerald entered the toy industry in 1999 as VP of marketing for Hedstrom Toys. Fitzgerald is currently the Chief Digital Engagement Officer for Toys, Fitness, & Sporting Goods at Sears Holdings Corporation. She joined Sears/Kmart in 2009 as the CMO for Toys, Seasonal, and Outdoor Living businesses. She is credited with turning around the Outdoor Living business by growing online revenues over 150% through a focused digital campaign. She also grew the toy business 18% in a flat market, and re-launched Sears Toys Shop as an online experience.


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