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6 predictions for marketing's future

Guy Kawasaki
6 predictions for marketing's future Guy Kawasaki

Paper will be a thing of the past

Say goodbye to traditional books. Very soon, most publications that still use paper will be gone, and clean digital publishing will conquer the world. Your digital buys are about to get much bigger.

Internet access will be free and universal

Here's something internet service providers don't want to hear: Soon, we won't have to pay for fast internet access. Guy tells us how this unstoppable change is taking place and why you need to embrace it.

Social media hasn't even begun to peak

For all its popularity today, the social media trend is only in its infancy. Do you have the manpower to handle what's to come?

Information will be completely democratized

The internet, multiple devices, and social media have made the sharing and creation of content the world's universal hobby. Here's why user-generated content is something to encourage from consumers, not fear.

Today's successful companies will fail to evolve

Every innovative trend that comes along is initially dismissed, but eventually most take over. Here's why you can win by being the first to embrace untested technology and movements.

The electric car may be obsolete

The green revolution is upon us, but the world may be evolving much too quickly. Here's why you need to prepare for much grander innovations yet to come.

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