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The biggest reason advertising is failing

The biggest reason advertising is failing Joey Dumont

Today's marketing model is broken, but why? No other movie explores the reasons better than "The Naked Brand," produced by the ad agency Questus. The film's executive director Joseph Dumont speaks with iMedia about these themes and why advertising is loosing its effectiveness on the consumer.

Brands don't realize that digital has made them transparent

It's OK for brands to make mistakes. However, when they start lying about them and misleading the public, anything that a brand says is thrown into question, including in advertising. Here's why your company's "dead bodies" are going be known whether you want them to or not.

Consumers now define your image, not ads

Brands can't shout from the mountaintop anymore about who they are. Here's why consumers now define your public perception and why you should embrace this shift.

Customer reviews and social media are cutting through your marketing

When commercials were on the top of the marketing food chain, the public only got their information through the company. Now, with social media and customer reviews, the consumer's main source of information comes from their friends, family, and peers.

You're not being socially conscious

Socially conscious brands not only gain public support, but also make more money. Adding environmentally friendly initiatives can help your company, products, and advertising become more popular all while helping the bottom line.

Brands aren't honest about their problems

If you simply explain to the public your company's problems (be they past or present), you will gain a deeper trust with your audience. This case study explores a company that gave its customers an intimate look into its eco-harmful business practices and ended up with more loyal customers.

Your online content is not original

If you keep repurposing your television creative for digital purposes, you're not communicating your brand very effectively. Here's why original digital content is vital to believable and effective online advertising.

Your company culture is weak, and it’s affecting brand perception

A great company culture will create happy employees. Happy employees work harder for their company. If your advertising is not connecting with consumers, you might need to look within your organization for the true problem.

Brands put too much emphasis on display ads

When marketing went from the billboard to the banner ad, some marketers declared victory and stopped innovating. Here's why you need to gradually move from display to innovative digital marketing tactics.

The moments between the moments are being ignored

How does Virgin Airlines spend 95 percent less on advertising compared to their competitors, but receive the highest customer satisfaction? If you focus on your customer's entire experience, you won't need positive advertising. The customer will do it for you.

If your product is bad, the customer feels lied to

You will never survive if you keep trying to sell a bad product. Fixing your brand's core issues first will make your advertising efforts incredibly easier in the long run.

You're marketing the "how" and the "what," not the "why"

To advertise well, you need to step back and ask yourself why you are selling a product or brand. Marketing what your product stands for is an incredibly powerful way to communicate your message.

Customer service is being undervalued

Don't abandon your customers after they buy your product. Marketing isn't just a process that takes place before a purchase; it's an ongoing communication of the company's values. Treating your customer just as well after a purchase is something that should be at the top of your company's list, not last.

Special thanks to Joseph Dumont and Questus.

Click here to for more information about the film, "The Naked Brand." To purchase the film, visit iTunes or Amazon.

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Joey is currently the Chief Growth Officer of eecosphere, a behavioral company that applies a science based approach to story telling for mission based organizations and corporate brands. Previously, he was a Partner, Managing Director at Questus,...

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Commenter: Tom McCauley

2013, April 23

"Failing" and "broken" are probably not the right words to describe digital marketing. Marketing models have always been broken, when you think about it. Of all the models in history, digital is the LEAST broken. It gives people more power than ever to shape a brand, makes companies more accountable, facilitates responsive customer service and provides a chance to establish credibility through authenticity. I think you make good points but have framed them inaccurately, since the evidence you give attests to the success of today's model.