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Why the call-to-action is ruining your ads

Why the call-to-action is ruining your ads Seth Haberman

The call-to-action is preventing creative storytelling

Creative marketers exist everywhere, so why do we see so few memorable internet ads? Here's why the call-to-action is stifling the imagination of creative digital advertisers and leading to a series of common, boring interruptions on websites.

Short-term data is causing panic and an oversaturation of calls-to-action

The online world moves incredibly fast and forces marketers to keep pace. One bad report in the short term kills creative and brilliant digital advertising ideas all the time. Here's why you need to dedicate some long term thinking to creative marketing so you can make ads imaginative and memorable. The investment may well pay off big time.

Focus on emotional triggers for memorable ads, not landing pages

Is engagement a click, or is it an emotional connection with the consumer? If you subscribe to the belief that real engagement comes from emotion, versus interaction on a landing page, then you need to forget about the call-to-action and dedicate your energy to creating imaginative and impactful advertising. If you can accomplish that, then a click will follow, regardless of whether or not you tell them to.

  Seth Haberman founded Visible World in 2000, with the goal of transforming advertising production and delivery to achieve greater relevance and effectiveness. With a track record of success marked by milestones including an Emmy Award and...

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