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2 huge marketing challenges you can't ignore

2 huge marketing challenges you can't ignore Greg Cannon / INACTIVE

The disappearing consumer attention span

Marketing, especially digital marketing, is plagued with a trend that is growing every year: The consumer attention span is drastically shrinking. Just 10 years ago, consumers focus was much sharper. The expansion of the internet and the over-saturation of content has turned the world into a fast-paced society where we are too overloaded to consume in great depth. The popularity of social channels like Vine and Twitter are proving as further case studies that people are craving a snackable content consuming experience.

Over-saturation of the highly skilled

A few years ago, marketers were craving employees who could manage social media, build apps, and design responsive websites. Marketers were clamoring for technically skilled people who could help them keep up with the emerging mobile trend and rapidly evolving landscape. Now that the market has simmered down a bit, marketers are now looking for people with depth and understanding. They have the tools, now the real challenge is finding people who have knowledge to use them effectively and strategically.

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