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4 exciting technologies revolutionizing shopper marketing

4 exciting technologies revolutionizing shopper marketing Brian LeCount

2D barcodes

Barcodes have been ignored by marketers for years, simply because they didn't offer anything beyond connecting the product to the product information. However, the rise of smartphones has given way to the rise of 2D barcodes, and this trend only continues to grow. QR codes and tag barcodes can be linked to any digital experience a marketer wants to provide for a consumer. It's very exciting technology, and the industry still has much to explore.

Near field communication

Near field communication (NFC) is one of the newest and most advanced ways shopper marketing is entering the future. Instead of having the consumer scan a code, NFC-enabled devices detect an NFC tag on a product, poster, or display. The technology opens up an experience for the shopper such as a web page, Vcard, free download, or anything else a marketer can imagine. This approach allows marketers to actively reach consumers at the right moment and time while shoppers browse the aisles.

Brian LeCount, director of insights and planning at POSSIBLE, speaks with iMedia about how these technologies are defining 21st century shopper marketing strategies.

Augmented reality

This technology has marketers extremely excited. As we know, augmented reality, or AR, is not virtual reality. While we know that a virtual reality shopping experience may be deep in the future, its predecessor is already here. AR enhances reality with a digital experience. Many apps incorporate it, but for the first time we are starting to see digital marketers use it to enrich their shopper marketing strategies.

How will this technology be used? Imagine if you could walk into a store and, using your smartphone, scan a product you'd like to learn more about. On the screen appears a graphic overlay pointing out the features of the product, consumer reviews, and pricing. It's not a list of information in an app; it's a real-time immersive experience using your smartphone's camera. Marketers are constantly trying to find the best way to engage consumers; this technology could be a huge leap forward in accomplishing that goal.

Brian LeCount continues our conversation by explaining how his agency, POSSIBLE, explored the use of AR with consumers who suffer from food allergies.

Digital wallets

It's becoming clear that consumers want to abandon their wallets. In Japan, the digital wallet trend has become mainstream. Could America be next? Increasingly, the answer is yes.

With the rise of Google Wallet, Apple's Passbook, Isis, and many more, we are seeing huge brands leveraging their resources and capital to jump on this trend and claim territory. More and more, retailers are allowing payments with digital wallets. It's not hard to see that this is where the future is headed. Will you be ready? How do you position your brand to best take advantage of this trend? How can you use this software to incentivize shoppers to purchase your product? With all these possibilities, its no wonder digital wallets have marketers excited for the future.

Brian LeCount ends our conversation by explaining why this is one of the most exciting trends he is watching in the industry.

What other technologies are progressing shopper marketing? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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