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5 native advertising tips from MailOnline

5 native advertising tips from MailOnline Sean O'Neal

Don't expect to create great content right away

If your brand is just diving into native advertising, don't be disappointed (or discouraged) if your content doesn't resonate immediately. Content creation isn't organically built into every company's DNA. You might do a great job from the get-go, but you might need to think creatively about partnerships too.

Partner strategically with publishers that have editorial teams

Typically, brands are not used to creating content. Because you're new at it, be sure to partner strategically with publishers who have in-house editorial teams and resources to help you. Assistance is not only good for your learning curve, it also helps make the final branded content piece more impactful.

Keep your content fresh and relevant

Don't craft content around a topic that only you (or your brand) find interesting. Take a look at the publisher's audience. What's hot right now? What's most popular? Learn about the publisher's readers and viewers and craft content that is relevant to them.

Make sure you're adding incremental value

Content marketing only really works if it sticks. How do you make it stick? By making sure your content is providing a real value to the consumer. Don't just write a forgettable article or publish a forgettable video. Make sure that what you are saying is information that the consumer is going to remember and will ultimately help them.

Sean O'Neal serves as Global CMO of Daily Mail Online where he oversees worldwide marketing for Mail Online's trade and consumer efforts, as well as advertising product and audience development.  Mail Online is the largest newspaper website in...

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2013, August 13

I wanted to hear what that lady had to say!