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The YouTube statistic you won't believe

The YouTube statistic you won't believe Becky Frankiewicz

Per capita, Saudi Arabia consumes the most YouTube content

Who knew? It turns out that Saudi Arabia dominates the YouTube landscape when it comes to per capita consumption. Not only that, but in a country which typically adheres to strict gender roles, a surprising 50 percent of views are coming from women.

What does this mean for marketers? Becky Frankiewicz speaks with iMedia's SVP, Marti Funk, about how this eye-opening information completely shifted PepsiCo's strategy for marketing abroad. It turns out you can't simply rely on Facebook and Twitter to be your safe social advertising bets.

How PepsiCo's approach differs in the U.S.

Becky Frankiewicz continues her conversation with iMedia's Marti Funk by turning back to the U.S., where PepsiCo is tackling the "slow-down-while-consumers-are-speeding-up" approach. How can your brand strategy give time back to busy American consumers?

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Becky Frankiewicz is responsible for leading the PepsiCo Costco customer team globally. She represents all PepsiCo businesses to this unique and growing customer. Frankiewicz has spent her consumer businesses career in marketing and innovation...

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