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2014 will be the year of...


Adam Broitman, MasterCard: 2014 will be the year that "creativity has a job to do"

Every year brings innovation for the marketing industry. Adam Broitman, VP of global digital marketing for MasterCard, says it's what marketers will do with 2014 innovations that will define the New Year. The marketing community is not lacking creativity, but many creative ideas are rushed out before they have a chance to mature. Broitman says that 2014 will be the year that creative ideas will "have a job to do" in a marketer's strategy.

Christy Tanner, CBS Interactive: 2014 will be the year of aliens

Speaking on behalf of the entertainment world, Christy Tanner, SVP and GM, media group at CBS Interactive, says that 2014 will be the year of alien/sci-fi driven content. Citing that six of the top 10 network shows on television have a supernatural element, she predicts that this content trend will only continue to explode.

Sarah Rotman Epps, Forrester Research: 2014 will be the year that smartphones get smarter

With the popularity of wearable devices beginning to gain steam, Sarah Rotman Epps of Forrester Research predicts that this will cause smartphones to become even more intelligent and sophisticated. Smartphones and wearable devices will be connected much like a remote that controls your TV, gaming devices, and cable. Smartphones will have to evolve as wearables grow in the marketplace, and 2014 is the year we will see this really happen.

David Shing, AOL: 2014 will be the year of collaboration

David Shing, AOL's digital prophet, says we are in a shared economy, and with apps such as Waze and services such as Uber, he's right. 2014 will not just be the year of collaboration for marketers but for consumers amongst each other as well. Collaboration will be key for the future because technology is enabling us to connect and work together, rather than keeping us distracted and detached.

Justin Choi, Nativo: 2014 will be the year of video, 2015 will be the year of native

Justin Choi, president and CEO of Nativo, says that while native will grow and scale in 2014, it will really hit its stride in 2015. Next year, video will peak for marketers. If you're investing in video advertising for 2014, it may be your lucky year.

Fred McIntyre, awe.sm: 2014 will be the year of massive growth in social

Marketers have been playing with social for years. There's no doubt; social is sexy. However, meaningful ROI and accountability have been hard to measure, so social marketing has been largely judged on the amount of "likes," retweets, and followers a brand has. Fred McIntyre, CEO of awe.sm, says that 2014 will be the year this changes. Marketers will begin to drive real insights, ROI, and accountability from social media marketing next year.

Rishi Desai, The Khan Academy: 2014 will be the year of personalization

In many industries (not just marketing), 2014 is shaping up to be the year of personalization. Rishi Desai of the Khan Academy says that across the board personalization is becoming increasingly popular with consumers and professionals alike. In the health, medicine, education, and marketing industries, making the user experience more intimate and personal is a strong strategy for the future. With the advent of big data and technology, conforming a message or experience to each customer is now a real possibility.

Jeremy Ozen, Vistar Media: 2014 will be the year of location-based media.

Digital out-of-home marketing will only get bigger and smarter in 2014. Marketers are extremely excited about the possibilities being presented by technologies that enable sophisticated targeting when consumers are on the go. Jeremy Ozen, co-founder of Vistar Media, says that many agencies are "sweating bullets of excitement" because of the potential that location-based media is presenting to drive relevant ads to consumers in-store.

Joe Zahtila, Qriously: 2014 will be the year of the smartwatch

With the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Apple hinting that its own wearable device is in production, Joe Zahtila, North American general manager for Qriously, says that 2014 will be the year that the smartwatch goes mainstream. Smartphones and smartwatches will be complimentary to each other, and Joe predicts that this marriage of devices will become incredibly popular with consumers. Marketers may already need a smartwatch marketing strategy.

Louis Dvorkin, Forbes: 2014 will be the year of mobile, mobile, mobile.

In the news business, no one knows trends like Forbes. Louis Dvorkin is the Forbes chief product officer, and he says that 2014 will be the year of mobile -- more specifically, the year of the smartphone. While tablets are important, smartphone devices are looking more and more like mini iPads and mini Surfaces. With everyone connected all the time and everywhere, creating content quickly and creating opportunities for advertisers is extremely important. Make no mistake; the smartphone will redefine the publishing business.

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