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3 tips for successful content marketing

3 tips for successful content marketing iMedia Editors

Trust the good content

Content is king, and good content will grow legs and move in the market. Take pride and have ample quality control when creating your branded material. Make sure the content is relevant, interesting, and helpful, and trust your audience's tastes. If you find yourself creating content that you feel is redundant or bland, you can be sure that it will be a waste of time for you and your readers. The more that content marketing grows, the more options consumers will have. The competition will be tough. Stand out by making sure every single piece is good work.

Make it available and go where the fans are

Go to where the fans are. It's perfectly fine to have your own platform for publishing your branded content. Brands like American Express and Lowes have found great success in setting up their own websites as hubs to attract fans. Not every brand has the budget or resources to do that, but what every brand can do is at least make it available to fans. Don't just keep your articles on your corporate website in some hard-to-find drop down option. Use social and make your work available to readers.

Remember that the fan experience is 24/7

People who become a fan of a brand can remain a fan for the rest of their lives. Once you've started a branded content strategy, it's something you will have to continue for a long time. Be prepared for that before you begin, and remember that people don't consume articles or scroll the web only from nine to five. The fan experience is 24/7, so be nimble and ready to cover topics at a moment's notice. Find out what's resonating with your fans, and gear your topics in that direction. There's no such thing as too much good content for fans that are eager for it.

iMedia went to ThinkLA's Trends Breakfast in Beverly Hills and spoke with Christy Tanner, SVP and GM of CBS Interactive Media and got her advice for achieving a successful content marketing strategy.

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Commenter: 'TC' Teresa Clark

2013, December 09

Really enjoyed reading this and liked the video as well (nice touch). I really agree with you that we need to trust the content. Here is something that I do when creating content of high quality that I can trust.

I engage people without making them feel like they are being sold. Anytime we feel like we are being sold we go to what many call ‘the lizard brain.' This makes people feel suspicious and in charge of watching for danger and confrontation. Instead we need to get people into the buying part of their brains. When we are in buying mode we are more likely to ask, for instance, "Does this come in my size?” and follow the salesperson eagerly. I call this part of my brain ‘my purring cat.'

Thanks again,
'TC' Teresa Clark