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The biggest content marketing mistakes

The biggest content marketing mistakes iMedia Editors

Creating content that doesn't matter

Brands need to help customers with content, not just pretend to be useful. In every content marketing decision you make, ask yourself if you're providing useful information that the regular reader can learn from and take actionable advice out of. If you're punching out content that is fluffy, vague, and doesn't make a strong point about a relatable topic, you're not living up to what is possible with meaningful content marketing.

Failing to distribute properly

If you don't distribute your content, nobody is going to see it. More and more, brands are encouraging employees and senior staff to become writers and contributors in the industry. However, very few companies give stock to how they are going to spread their material to those who matter. It's a challenge that some brands (such as American Express) have solved by creating their own online magazine and growing a reader base. But not every brand has those resources. When it comes to distribution, brands will have to get creative on social and word of mouth to make sure their material is seen while it is still relevant.

Not creating local content

Your branded content needs to be relevant, and a one-size-fits-all approach is not going to work. Once you have attracted a following, focus on the issues that are affecting them, don't distribute your content to channels that won't find it relatable. Marketing challenges are different across the many areas of the industry. Find your niche and stick to it.

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