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3 ways you're killing your partnerships

3 ways you're killing your partnerships John Montgomery

The old agency -- the "we do everything" model -- doesn't work in today's market. Clients need results in weeks, not months. Your competitive edge is linked directly to the quality and sustainability of your industry partnerships. Are you setting these relationships up for failure? Most companies are, but they might not know it.

Don't be one of them.

In this interview, John Montgomery, COO of GroupM, discusses the three vital components of great partnerships with iMedia's Bethany Simpson. Without these, you can kiss your chances for success goodbye. He also answers the biggest data management question facing marketers today: When do you build, buy, or partner?

Conversation highlights
0:00 — The old agency model
0:25 — Data: buy, build, or partner
0:45 — Deciding when to partner
1:30 — Pros and cons of partnerships
2:00 — Less risky from a cost perspective
2:30 — Campaign management
3:00 — Key to partnerships No.1: A win for both sides
3:25 — Key to partnerships No.2: Small agile teams
3:50 — Key to partnerships No.3: Defining success early
4:20 — Managing data for better insights
Run time is 5:38

John Montgomery was appointed as COO of GroupM Interaction for North America in 2008. As part of his portfolio, Montgomery leads GroupM’s privacy and data strategy for digital and works closely with industry bodies that help set policy in these areas.

John Montgomery is COO of GroupM Interaction in North America. Montgomery joined Ogilvy in 1989 in South Africa as media director, and launched Mindshare in that country. In the final three years he spent in South Africa, he was managing director of...

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