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How one company got audiences to enjoy advertising

How one company got audiences to enjoy advertising Eric Berger

For years, marketers have been asking how they can get consumers to engage with advertising. Crackle stepped back and asked itself the bigger question: How do we get audiences to actually like advertising?

It's no secret that people, in general, consider online display advertising an interruption of their site experience. But as Crackle discovered, there are some very simple steps a company can take to make digital advertisements an enjoyable experience for consumers. iMedia's Bethany Simpson caught up with Crackle executive Eric Berger at CES 2013 to discuss the secrets behind the company's success with consumer engagement.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — The latest from Crackle
0:40 — Over a million downloads
1:25 — Shift towards advertising
1:40 — Original content
2:15 — More and more platforms
2:30 — How to love the consumer
Run time is 3:10

Eric Berger has been senior vice president of Digital Networks - Sony Pictures Television, Inc. at Crackle, Inc., since November 2008. Berger manages the day to day operations of the digital networks group. These responsibilities include the programming and distribution functions for multi-platform channels including The Minisode Network; the Vault, SPT's television library channel; and PIX, SPT's movie channel. Berger joined Crackle, Inc. in 2006 as vice president of mobile entertainment.


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