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2 ways you're sabotaging partnerships

2 ways you're sabotaging partnerships Talia Arnold

Partnerships are an important part of the marketing ecosystem. Brands working with agencies, agencies working with media companies, and so on. Three-way partnerships have even emerged as a new standard. But are you destroying these trusted relationships from the inside, and sinking your own business potential in the process? Horizon Media's Talia Arnold speaks with iMedia's Bethany Simpson about two of the most common ways companies are sabotaging their partnerships. Are you making these mistakes?

Conversation highlights

0:00 — How does an agency bring a new partner to a brand?
0:50 — Do three-way partnerships work?
1:44 — How to destroy a three-way partnership
2:18 — Why your goals need to be crystal clear
2:30 — How brands should navigate a partnership
3:21 — Apply partnership tactics to your internal teams
3:46 — The worst thing that can happen to the digital marketing industry is…
Run time is 4:36

Talia Arnold has over seven years progressive experience helping Fortune 500 companies ignite their brand presence in emerging media through strategic marketing, media planning and buying. Her specialties are digital media, social marketing, search, online video, media buying, negotiation, business development, training and mentorship, direct response, and branding.

Talia Arnold has over 10 years experience helping Fortune 500 companies ignite their brand presence in emerging media  As a consultant to the top global agencies and brands, she drives ROI through strategic marketing and media planning.

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