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3 reasons marketers are afraid to innovate

3 reasons marketers are afraid to innovate Rick Parkhill

The digital marketing industry has been experiencing growing pains -- for more than ten years. To all of us who think we're the first people to encounter push back on our great ideas, we're not alone. Marketers have been pushing the industry uphill since day one. In today's interview, iMedia's Bethany Simpson speaks with industry legend Rick Parkhill, founder and chairman of PopTent, about what it takes to create real change. In this video, Parkhill also discusses developments in video, the agency model, standards, and more.

Conversation highlights
0:15 — The No. 1 challenge in being a digital marketing innovator
1:00 — Internet advertising was Britney Spears
1:25 — Begging for standardization
2:00 — Partnering with TV
2:30 — Portability of viewership
3:00 — This feels like 1999
3:20 — The dawn of earnest engagement
Run time is 3:59

Rick Parkhill is the founder and Chairman of Poptent. The business concept for Poptent was a result of his many years in the interactive media world and watching his son grow up shooting, editing and producing homemade music videos. Rick recognized early-on that advertisers would have an increasing need for video content and that there was an ever-deepening pool of capable creative talent that was developing outside of agency walls. His vision was to empower that creative community by providing them with real opportunities to demonstrate their skills. Rick gathered friends Neil Perry, Tony Romeo and Richard Bruck to found Poptent in early 2007.

Rick Parkhill is the the founder and prior CEO of iMedia Communications, having launched the company in 2001. Previously, Rick was a founding executive at Interactive Marketing, Inc. in the mid-‘90s and founded Digitrends Magazine and the...

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Commenter: Anne Smith

2013, January 11

Great little interview! I think you always need to get the balance right between innovating and using tried and tested methods - give and take. Ultimately, there´s no ONE way to advertise and each company should analyse their personal situation. Sometimes it´s easy to think that cool and innovative ideas will mean success but that´s not the case. The future should be interesting for online advertising!